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ok so my band is gonna audition for this battle of the bands thing, but for the audition you have to send a demo and for some reason they only want one guitarist and a singer to play on it. this is gonna create a problem cause if im playing a lead or solo its gonna sound pretty bad without backing, so can you give me some songs that i could play that would sound good with just a guitarist and a singer. some bands i listen to are: guns n roses, led zeppelin, acdc, audioslave, chili peppers, pink floyd, metallica etc. (no punk greenday simple plan and no simple power chord modern rock bands)Also i need more fast than slow songs cause were probably gonna play more fast songs and its much easier to find good slow songs in this situation.
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you could try to acousticify a song, but not slow it down or even have to use an acoustic guitar. try to incorporate some of the bass parts into the rhythm guitar if you can, that always gives it a fuller sound. and dont try to solo too much if you can help it, but something where you may hit a powerchord then play some little fill type things with your free fingers would be good in place of a solo. im not going to recomend any specific songs because its up to you to pick a song you can rearrange like this. if you only have one guitar and a singer then you should try something like this because it will give you a fuller sound as well as show the people judging that you and your band are creative.
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have it like this

Lead guitar/rythm guitar/bass fills using guitar/vocals
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