My band isnt really shooting anytype of genre we have all different tastes and ideas but is it a good idea to have like an emo type song followed by like a awesome metal song but then right after have a hardcore song would people like the change or just be annoyed by it?
variety is good but there might be to much of a difference between those genres. you could still use the songs you want but you will have to put your sound to them so they dont sound to varied. keep in mind the different groups of people that like those 3 genres.
yeah i suppose we could do are best to have those three feels in all of our songs idk how well it work but we shall surely try.
Well, saying you playing to an emo crowd, will they like a metal song and then a hardcore song? I doubt it. Either blend it together or play a set specified for one genre to that genre, etc.
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I think it's a bad idea. God bless you if you can work those three genres together, or if your band can manage together!
were not all seperated by those genres liek we all like the same things we just dont want to be lumped into a genre like we want a wide varitie(sp). but i know what you mean about the songs being completly different,
I guess you could kinda blend them all in together to create a unique style but i'm not sure it'll sound good though.
But if you can make it work go ahead...
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Just try to arrange your songs so that they go from one extreme to another
( poppier to heavier ) and then play the set forwards or backwards depending where you are.
There is a band called to Kill the King. It's an indie/metal mix. They basicly just do one genre then the other in their songs. Say the chorus is metal and verses are basicly really indie. It's not bad.