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ok is there anyway to fix this....when i play all alone in my room i can play pretty good...but infont of people i know i get nervous and mess up....even worse for strangers....and the more people the more i cant play...any way to get over stage fright other than to go out and do it, cause then ill fail miserably..
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i use to be like that too dude, but sorry to say the only way to get over it is just doing it, you may mess up and maybe sometimes horribly enough for people to say you suck, but who cares, you know your better, and once you get to that certain level where your not as nervous youll shove it right up their asses
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^^^^^^ damn right.

just do it, i mess up infront of family (im new at guitar still) but i just keep on goin as if i didnt mess up, its jst one of those things that you need to do
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The only way to grow out of stagefright is to just get out there and get used to it. I've noticed confidence goes a long way too.
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you don't have to mess up infront of people to get over stagefright. just remeber how you tore the **** out of an amazing song in your bedroom and know you can do it and then just play it like your at home.

if you can do it then thats fine but half of it is knowing you can do it you know
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Never ever stop - if you fu(k up then just start that phrase again and keep going. If you end up playing with a band the band will have continued anyway.

That and like KENZI said - remember how well you can play this when you're not nervous. Visualise yourself playing it perfectly ( athletes take the time before their sport to do this too ).
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i used to be aboslute CRAP when i played live. but hey, i had a few friends who were supportive, and kept signing me up for open mics and ****, and now, well i can go out and play a gig anytime anywhere with confidence. it's all about having fun dude. dont think about being nervous, or messing up. think about the time you absolutely nailed a solo, the time your voice and guitar reached synergy, and that will make you more confident than anything. as been said, performing is more than 50% mental. just believe in yourself, and dont get discouraged if you make a mistake. when your onstage, your in the spotlight, and you cant hide. go, play, be proud, and most of all, HAVE FUN!
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ye man, they all said it..

if you go up, and screw a bit once, keep tryin, if people will see u do a good job,
they'll think u've screwed once, but went allright for the rest of the time,
but if u get discarouged by screwing it once, and start messin up, they'll think you cant do anythin good at all.
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Heres what I did that seemed to help.......

When your playing for poeple, your more than likely not looking right at them, you dont necesarily see there gaze, you natrurally do this becuase its awkward and would make you more nervous; in fact your probly just stare at your fretboard.

So what? Why am I nervous then you ask? Well becuase this entire time your thinking "**** there looking at me, dont **** up, o go here comes that hard lick that I JUST got down"............You inevitably **** up.

So what I did, is while practicing, is Imagine all your friends and guitarist watching you while you play, family or anybody who you know you'd be nervous in front of. If your doing in right, you'll imediately feel your face get hotter and your hands get shaky; b/c remember how you dont even look at the crowd and you get nervous? Well your just recreating that by tricking your brain into thinking someone is there and critiqueing you (works well if you know a guitarist whos better than you, or just arogant).

Hope that helps along with all the other advice!
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practicing always helps...practice something for a while and when you get on stage its like clockwork to play, just think about sitting in your room playing it rather than on a stage, and NEVER give up
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dude i was the same!and its just normal ,it just shows that you care.Practicing something
so many times helps as well.