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Here's something I whipped up today, I'm really loving it so far. Will add more soon.

Comments and criticism appreciated.

EDIT: Scroll down further and look at the updated version
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good but you'd have to have fingers like a foot long to play it...
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what do you mean? The keyboard part? The keyboard part was never meant to be actually played on guitar, just a transcription.

All the guitar parts are manageable.
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i liked it alot, especially the keyboard, but im not so sure about the time signature cahnge, it sounds a little out of place

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i agree, the powertab doesnt do a very good job of it, but it doesn't sound awkward in real life.
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I enjoyed it, but maybe the last note could be held out a half note? Enjoyable, and I can imagine some JOhn Petrucci head boppin goin on. Check mine out if you have a chance:http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=306718
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Glad you like it. It's actually nowhere near finished yet, if i had intended it to end i probably would have held that note. I have a lot more I'll post an update when it's significantly more complete. And I'm glad to be compared to John Petrucci ;>

EDIT: I think its far enough along for another critique, so here's an updated version.

Not finished yet, but i did have it fade out nicely just for effect. I didn't tab the solo because it'll more than likely be improv (cause i find it to be much more real when i improvise), so just enjoy the soothing keyboard sounds for now (I may make a "sample solo" to fit in there later on)
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i like it but it seems like u basically have 3 different songs and ur tryna make them one
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eh, it didnt sound middle eastern at all imo. your compotional skills are still top notch
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