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just curious if anyone has played this guitar, (fender tele-sonic) or even heard of it. its a less-common production model made my fender all fender design except for a gibson les paul style controls. I just saw heard of it but couldnt find out any more information on it.
just curious if anyone owns one or has played one...
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Looks different to usual Teles, q nice.
I've not played one though.
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yeah it looks cool i saw it on the cover of this movie freaky friday(probably some crap, never watched it )
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Isn't the Telesonic the one with the DeArmond style pickups?
Never played one though, and I haven't seen them in that many shops either.
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Quote by Danno13
Lindsay Lohan = t3h h0t. That movie = t3h sucxz0rzflap

Allow me to correct that for you

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Lindsay Lohan = Fcuk1n9 F1_19lY Fr3cK1y B17c1-1. That movie = t3h sucxz0rzflap

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They look pretty sweet, but no I have never played it.
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I own one, bough it in 2004, I play it through a marshall avto50h and a fender blues jr. and a mesaboogie 50. caliber. Its got a very moody low tone, thats the best way i can describe it. I read somewhere it has 11 tone chambers in it, but its pretty heavy. The Only bad thing, besides the weight, is the pickup switch gets stuck and skips over the middle pickup setting, im gonna switch it out with a lespaul one some day.

I cant believe they stopped making this though, its awesome.