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i made this song 10 minutes ago didn't try to hard so it might not be that good but it's kinda catchy

Standard Tuning

e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

b ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

g -------------9-------------------------5-------------------------7--------------------------------------

D --------9-------9----------------5--------5---------------7---------7--------------4---------5-------

A ----7------------------------3-------------------------5------------------------2----------3-----------

E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thats all i got for now kinda repetitive but i think it sounds good and anybody can play it. Haven't tried on distorted yet since its 1 am LOL !!!!!!!!!

Any Critique will be Critiqued back

Be back later.
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You're right about it sounding good, but it's so generic that no guitarist ever thinks of using it in an actual song. The reason why no one ever posts arpeggiated power chords riffs isn't so much that they haven't thought them up rather than they don't bother showcasing a riff that every beginner has played around with at some point or another. Nevertheless, it's a good start, and eventually you'll work your way up to more unique and original riffs, so, keep at it \m/
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super simple, just powerchords broken apart..

if your new to making songs, that's normal..mine were like that
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yeah, "yawn" pretty much covered it. my advice is to not get caught up with power chords and the different things you can do with them, like what you've done here. you might look into using chords with more color, where the quality of the chord isn't just implied. you could also look into two note chords by using 3rds, 6ths, or 10ths (3rds up an octave).

give this a look:
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like the others said, just simple powerchords arpeggiated, plus it's a real clichéd progression, i've heard this like a million times before. I'm sorry to say it but drop this, if you want to write arpeggio riffs you have to think beyound powerchords, just try it, you'll find something!!

please check mine : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=306101