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Ok, me and my mate have decided to busk one night in the next few weeks just for a bit of fun. We have a problem. We don't really know that many acoustic songs and even less acoustic songs with two guitars. What we are looking for is some nice acoustic songs (difficulty is not a problem), but preferably songs with a nice sounding, complex melody. If anyone could make some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. But also songs we would like, so nothing that even speaks of classic rock. If it helps I'm into hardcore and metal, and he's into alternative rock and we both like punk and emo so anythin like that would be great, thanks in advance

- hego
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Where to start really, Im assuming one is going to play lead the other rhythem?

Bob Dylan - Dont Think Twice
Bob Dylan - I Want you
Bob Dylan - Rolling Stone

You might want to try some "Turin Brakes" I remember seeing them busk in Brighton
"Tracey Chapman" too, nice up beat acoustic.

Then try and do some classics that people will know dare i say "Oasis" "The Jam"

Hope this helps

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Ok, my suggestions

Songs from Sea Change by Beck
Kings of Convenience is a two-piece acoustic band, you could try some of their stuff.

that's all i got off the top of my head
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a got a great one, plus its easy. Pink floyd - goodbye blue sky... go for it