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ok...I may sound stupid but...heck I just want to play...

I can't figure out the strumming pattern for You and Me by Lifehouse so if someone would like to tell me that'd be great.


I just started playing the summer of 2005 (between 7th and 8th grade) give me a break!
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Don't ever worry about sounding stupid if it's a legit question, most people on here are not jerks and will be glad to help you out. We were all new once.

For the intro/verses, the way i play it is hit the EAD strings with a single downstroke, then hit the DGBe strings with a DUDU.

For the chorus, I just go by feel, but as a general guideline it would be: DDUDU for each chord.

Mess around with that to get it to sound how you want it to, I'm just saying this is how i play it and it sounds pretty good.
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You and me by lifehouse is in guitar world acoustic(bob dylan issue)...its got the strumming pattern on there.
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then why dont you tell us what the pattern they have it as is, since im sure a lot of us don't own a copy of that magazine or whatever