OK fella's (and girls if there are any, dont want to offend lol)

i consider myself a pretty good guitarist now, i have been playing for a few years and i have some of my own **** written. here is the problem, i want to venture into the music business but i have NO idea where to start, i have let all my friends listen to my songs and stuff but that got me nowhere. Can anybody offer any suggestions, that would be great,
Get a band together, practice your asses off and play as many gigs as you can. Just call local clubs and bars and i garuntee at least a few will let you play. You won't get paid straight off, so be prepared to work for free and just play as much as you can, anywhere you can. It's all about getting your name out there as much as you can.
Get a band (you don't have to) - gigs - myspace helps- build up a fan base and go from there, its a hard struggle but you'll be thankful if you make it.
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another good move is if you have a free ads paper where you live is advertise your self in there and you can get into a band quite easily
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what is session work?

Someone pays you to record the guitar part they wrote in the studio. You need to be able to read sheet music well and be able to learn things quickly so you can lay them down in the studio in a timely fashion.

^Well, not necessarily the guitar part they wrote.

Often times, a musician is required to come up with something himself
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just play as much as you can, get tons of gigs and maybe also get a job doing guitar lessons for a more steady amount of $$.