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i've got a acoustic/electric guitar
and i am wondering if a little bit of reverb/delay (or both)
would help on the sound coming out (when live or recording)

i've got a boss Rv3 and i've seen many people use line 6 DL4
for their acoustic performance...

what do you guys think?
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It really depends what you're playing - If you want reverb/delay, use it. It's definately not necessary for live performances or recording.
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I play an ovation, and use quite a lot, of efects but I have a complex sound in mind when playing live. When recording, it's best not to use too many effects because dropping in to fix a mistake becomes really tricky.

I use delay and reverb. I own a Line 6 DL4, and I love it. It fulls the sound up ad makes it fat.

Hope this helps

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I might use delay to get a doubled sound or a syncopated rythmn. It is in no way necessary though.
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