When I plug in my guitar (new so I'm pretty sure it works fine, nothing was wrong with it when I bought it) it either doesnt play (the electricity isnt connecting to the amp and the guitar) or it plays for a little then dies. I have to hold the cord in a certain direction for it to work right, anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?
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Its the cord or the input jack. Switch to a new cord, if it still does it, its the input jack/amp. My cord does the same thing sometimes. Its like when you have a set of headphones and one ear stops playing audio, but you can hear the audio again if you move the wire a certain way....all wires/cords seem to do this after extended use and movement.
Do you have a crappy cable?
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Connect the cable into the amp and touch the tip of the cable, if it makes that irratating noise then it's your guitar. If it doesn't then you need to plug your cable into a different amp and check again.

Definetely the cord. Most of cheap end cords, after using it awhile, the wire connection inside the jack becomes loose, hence you will have to position it right to hear a sound. These are some ways you might fix your problem:

- buy a new cord
- if you are sittin down and not using a strap, try hanging your cord on the strap pin
- if you are standing up and using a strap, make sure the cable loops with the back of ur strap like this :
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id say cord mines same
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If your cord has a fully metal, screw on sheath, you can examine either end to see if the soldered connections are loose. If you're handy with a soldering iron, that my solve your problem. If your plug feels loose in the jack, then the longer prong of your output jack needs to be adjusted. You can do that by removing the face plate to the jack with a screwdriver and bending it a bit. If it still doesn't work...well, you're screwed.
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