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dude, that song aint bad, it sounds kinda like early bink, but like carousel. Its pretty cool, would love to hear it with some lyrics and proper instruments

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Here's some CRITICISM. Your song is too repetative. Take out some of those repeats and add some different chords progressions. Also, try to put a limit on the power chords, or if you're going to use them so much, do other things with them, such as having a lead guitar over them or an accoustic playing fuller chords.
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I agree totally. WAY too repetitive. The main riff was ok but you totally overused it.
And yes, try playing something else over the power chords to make it more interesting, like some lead, or even some other chords.
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the intro sounds fine, something that would make a good 1st track in an album, but its long
and the intro part kinda goes on and on, and sorta annoying....

*i didnt see the newer version because i only have gp5
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I like it its nice
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It's way to plain,dull/boring/repetitive.

It would sound ebtter with lryics but you haven't got lryics,so get creative.
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yeah, really reptitive, slow, boring, annoying. i would take some of the chords you hit like 40 times and hit them like 5 and speed the song up to make it more interesting.
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