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Not really a music related question, but my band is about to go do some semi-pro photo shoots in which the pictures will be sent to newspapers, magazines, small labels, clubs, etc. The style of music we play is hard to describe, but we like to call it Post-Hardcore meets Electronic Emo. A lot of people say we are fresh and innovative and want to go with something that represents that. A few ideas we have so far are this:

A DIRTY Bathroom
A warehouse/sweatshop
A lighthouse
A jail cell
On the rail road tracks (with a train coming at us)
A junkyard with us on a couch lifted by a crane (we have the resources to do this)
A haunted house w/ candles

Any other suggestions or comments? We are just sick of taking pictures in the woods and in our practice space and don't EVER want to stand in front of that brick wall!
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I like the couch idea. My old roomate is in a semi-popular pop-punk band (Valencia) thats on label and all and they used to just go around the city here (Philadelphia) and find cool places. Look around your town or local city or wherever seems cool.
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all those sound liek cool ideas, except a dirty bathroom just kinda seems overused, (ie. linkin park reanimation photo shoot, and many others.) but like static said hunt for spots in your city
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i did one at the royal canadian air musemen and hangar in hamiliton because our lyrics were about that, maybe you can do something similiar?
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I'd go with the couch or railroad
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