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Im nota sexist but is a chick singer good for singing music like Led Zeppelin, Boston and other music like that because theres this chick at my school and her friend said this other chick could sing and my band needs a singer.
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try her out and if you dont like it, dont use her. Give her a shot.
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For trying to imitate Plant's girly voice: probably wouldnt be too bad

Like mentioned, just let her try, if she doesn't work kick her out
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^Exactly, if she has potential, try to work with her to get what you want to hear.

But only real men can sing like Plant.
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put this in bandleading...
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yeah...only real problem with girls in a band is that when you do gigs, everybody in the crowd is usually staring instead of moshing... which could be a good thing. i dunno...

also... and this is guna sound a bit sexist but i really dont care... girls generally have bad taste in music, and by bad taste im talking about good charlotte, simple plan etc etc...
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my band had a chick singer beware!
if she can sing great
but i made the stupid dision to go out with her be hhind my bands back when they found out every one was cool with it exccept our drummer who Drove her out of the band... that killed the band becuase me and her where the song witeing team i did al of the music and she wrote the lyrics

so the moral of the story, make sure shes replaceable
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Don't introduce anyone into a band that could split it up if you want it to last - like they said above, another member could end up with them and then you could have some problems.

But as for a chick singing - go for it. There's not enough of them about.
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Be a man...put aside childish things. Put aside immature feeling...and ask the girl to audition. Life is too short...and music is too personal to think that you can make a call like that based on anything but the chemistry you have when you are playing.

Try her out. Play some tunes. Let her have some influence on the music and see the direction things go. Don't be lame and hide behind matcho crap...or who can sing what. If she can hold her own on stage...and the songs are cool...and you guys gel...don't blow that opportunity by wondering if a chick can be in your band.

As far as the the love crap goes. Same advice. Who cares. Be mature. The best bands break up for the lamest things. Very, very rarely does it have anything to do with the music. Fleetwood Mac fell apart because every one was screwing everyone else...and they were not grown up enough to handle it.

So the advice is a man...try it out. After that...have the maturity to roll with it.
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chicks can be good for an alternative punk sound
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i agree with wats his face up there who gave the huge speech about putting your immature feelings behind you. if she can sing wat the hell give it a try. just have a back up.
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i wouldnt mind having a girl singer in my band, wouldnt mind at all, i just wouldnt want things to sound embarresing
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Quote by ghettohobbit2
also... and this is guna sound a bit sexist but i really dont care... girls generally have bad taste in music, and by bad taste im talking about good charlotte, simple plan etc etc...

Ok that's stereotyping and the threadstarter already said what music she's into.

I don't see what the big deal is. Try her out. If she's good keep her, if not then don't.
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