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How old do you think people should be before they start a band?
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A simple jam session band? Probably after you have played for about a year. A serious band? I would say at least 18, but that's just me. You cant get into alot of bars unless you are 18+
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... in some places. my friends band (hes 15) plays bars from time to time
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What kind of place do you think would book a pretty young band?
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Quote by Marx P
What kind of place do you think would book a pretty young band?

Depends on the band's talent... Age is no more than a number.
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Quote by BreakingBnj
Age is no more than a number.

Do you wrecon someone said that to gary glitter at some stage
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I'de say, whenever you can hold a guitar.
round about... 5y/o...

seriously tho, whenever you can play ez stuff like.. back in blac of ACDC or something - then you're ready to, well.. start a band. not a great one, but still..
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give it like about a year of playing guitar, then you shoudl be ready
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Well it depends on what you play. Rhytm guitar you have to be able to play like alot of power chords and double stops. Lead you should be able to play at least 4 scales in your sleep and articualation(hammer ons, bends,etc.), and single note accompaniments to vocals. Bass you be able to play chord roots and some good rhytm accompaniment. me. And if you play guitar always know simple chords like E,D,G,Am.
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Well theres a band here in perth of 10 year olds or something round that, "The Flairz". They play every year at one of the big festivals over here and have released their own songs and everything. so its never too young to start a band, just whenever your ready
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The average age for a first band is probably 13 or 14, but there is no age limit really.
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any teen ages basically or whenever you feel you want to / are ready to do so
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i had played 2-3 shows by my 15th birthday
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Most bands I see with members less than 17 aren't worth anything. But for reference sake... 13ish. Make sure the singer is past puberty!
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Start as soon as possible, you'll only improve over time and should get better at working together as a band. Although the singers voice needs to have broke already really, unless its a girl i suppose!