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My band plans to release our first pro-demo in the Spring, but I'm unsure if we should do a CD release party. With as many web articles and music business books I own, I have found little or no information on CD release parties. I've been to a "CD release party" before which was just a concert with a whole mess of teen bands (This band had guys in their late 20's) and just a merchandise booth (I don't even think I saw 3 people go to that booth the entire night.) But I've also seen CD release parties which were high profile, required invitation, had caters etc.

I'm unsure on what my band should do. People keep telling us they would definately buy our CD (we have nothing for sale at this point) and we also have been planning to try to get press attention (we live in a small rural area which is always looking for things in the arts to report on.) So I was thinking to invite them. But how exactly should this work? We plan to press about 400-500 copies at first and see how they sell and will also give some away for free to press, booking people, etc who we invite. I know it's standard to perform the songs off the record but should we get a band to open up? Rent a hall? Just release it at a show? We have a strong support team who works for pennies or nothing. So we can manage to do a semi-pro event for low cost.

Any ideas?
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It depends on what you want to do, what type of music you play etc. My band released a disc about a week back. We had a very "less-is-more" vibe going. Me on guitar and vocals (and I made a lot of use of looping), my pianist on vocals, and my drummer on a very modest kit with some percussion. So it was a very accoustic set. The songs differed slightly from on the disc.

We sold ticket, offered some food and wine, get the local press involved - went for interviews etc. Had some free-bees.

But, the venue was the clincher! It was iat our local observatory. Open-air! Clear stary skies etc. I'm in the southern hemisphere so it's warm in the evenings.

Got a ton of discs sold and getting some airplay from radio stations.

My advice - be original. Don't book just another hall. Don't make it just another concert.

Most of all - enjoy it.

Hope that helps.