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I really hope this is good...I like the way it sounds, it's not me playing it, so the playing wont be wrong..There's very few measures so I could fit notes in to finish sections together(even beats, sometimes with measures one section would finish before the other and there'd be a pause). Hope you like..For once..
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Very bad. The song itself is unintersting, and alot of it just plain doesnt sound good, and dont get me started on the solo. Better luck next time.
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I agree. That was aweful. I don't know how you managed to make it that long. Wasn't there a point where you realized you weren't building off of anything good? I'd strongly recommend taking some guitar lessons and theory classes. As for measures, it can be tedious, but not really if you do it right. Just copy and paste parts of the song. When you do that the program will put in bars for you. If you have the same amount of beats (most likely 4) in each measure, there won't be any pauses. Everything will finish at the same time if you do it right. You shouldn't worry about that right now though. Just stop posting on this message board and do those two things I mentioned earlier.
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use measures.

use score checker.

learn theory.

write an awesome song.

come back to UG and post it
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I think it's an interesting piece. i like the fact that it's really "experimental" in a sense that it isn't really as repeating or written with poor and unoriginal progression (probably because of lack of knowledge ), unlike other pieces that I sometimes encounter here.

But like the others already pointed out, the measures are way off chart, making it hard to see the real riffs and writings instead of random gibberish.
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Okay, I give up..I'm not coming here anymore, you all keep telling me I suck and to stop playing or to at least stop writing...I've decided that I don't suck, just that I have severely different tastes than you all, because it sounds damn sweet to me....So thanks for your "help"...
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I was actually trying to help so hopefully you're taking my advice.
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dont stop, just learn more about how great music is constructed, and gradually you should get much better.
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