Drivin' at night
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The first half of this song i wrote about a year ago,but then i got banned from UG,i've recently been unbanned so i felt a big urge to write something,so i added to it.

Some of you might not like it because it has no guitars in( ) but just please be open minded and listen to all of it.

Any comments are welcome and i'll look at any song you want me too if you comment on this.

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Wow, that was preety cool. The fact that it doesn't have guitars doesn't bother me at all (heh, as you can probably tell from my track you commented on). It got especially good after measure 29, with those *looks up name* Orchestral Strings. The only thing I would change is the ascending string thing at bar 13, It didn't seem to flow as elegantly as rest of the song. It's a shame no one commented on this yet, it's probably because everyone saw you were banned and thought you were some noob that was really proud of his 4 chord 6 minute long song.
Drivin' at night
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That ascending bit on the E string was origanly wrote as a guitar solo in another song,but the sogn was crappy so i put it in here.

thanks for commenting.
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it has good feel. neat. it could be part of a movie soundtrack.
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well i caught you honey,
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what do you think of that?
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Damn that solo is sweet

MIDI is always crap when it comes to guitars so I would just leave it as it is

Care to check out mine?

(It's the one nearest to the bottom)
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Very Cool. I love the piano pieces. Could you crit mine if you get a chance? Its Called Amy's Song. Its near the bottom. The updated Version is on the 3rd page.
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Volumes - It sounds weird when a louder piano comes in. It also seems like the synth that first comes in is too loud. In general, I think the synth should be softer.
Rhythm - I'd recommend using more rhythm. The rhythms you do use seem to be pretty straight forward and a bit repetative. You did mix it up a little bit, which is good, but you could do more with it.
Texture - I don't know if I like how you go between piano and piano, and piano and synth. Also, where'd the bass go? Probably just didn't finish it. I did like it when that string instrument came in.
Overall - Putting that aside, this isn't too shabby. I liked some of the chord progressions and some of the lines. The flow seems to be a little rough, like it's going from one thing to another without a lot of thought put into the direction of the whole piece. You might look into using more contrast as well and explore melody lines with memorable rhythms.

If you'd like to check out another song of mine, you should click the link on my signature.
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hey look its my song!
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