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How many watts does the guitars and bass need to be heard over drums?
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well i played with a 50 solid state all of the way up and i couldntnt hear it, but i was in a very small room when we played. but i have about 80watts now and we'll be playing in a garage, so...i guess that will work?
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get a 75 watt if you are in a band and will be playing any kinds of shows
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ive been playing with my solid state 30 watt amp with drums. it could make it, but the sound quality is very bad, since my amp is turned up so high. for a solid state amp i would recommend 50 watts and over though. for tube, 30 watts at least. bass 65 watts and up
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THANKYOU!!! we have a cheap pa that will make the guitars loud enough and we have a 60w bass amp.
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WE always use about 50/60 watts and thats fine !
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uh..well, my guitarist used to play with a 15w amp and I could hear him over my drums, and I was beating the **** out of my drums, but I'd say 30w should do it at the very least, if you wanna be safe just get 100w to work with, turn it down if you need to (need as in NEED) and leave it up otherwise
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Quote by patroller69
WE always use about 50/60 watts and thats fine !

I use a 60 and it knocks em dead! Also, if you have access to a PA system then you could either mike up your amp or line out into the PA system. So it doesn't really matter if you've got a small solid state. As long as it's not a rubbish little pratice amp then you should be fine.
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i use a 65 and thats fine. i use to have a 15 and that never worked
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great then im set. thanks all
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I've used a 15wt stereo chorus Peavey on some pretty big stages and it's enough to get it mixed with the drums .(everything is running through the PA.)
As far as the bass rig, nothing less than 100wt ov
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My 2 watt Roland Microcube can be played w/ drums...all depends on the individual amp and speaker efficiency.
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Our drumer is so loud we need 120 to match it for both bass and guitar.

I used to use a 30 watt for bass and I had to turn it all the way up to hear the damn thing. It was so raunchy we called it phaser bass
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Quote by Lennon321
Our drumer is so loud we need 120 to match it for both bass and guitar.

I used to use a 30 watt for bass and I had to turn it all the way up to hear the damn thing. It was so raunchy we called it phaser bass

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Once we got a drummer, I moved up from my little Crate practice amp to a Peavey Renown (a solid-state Twin Speaker Combo Amp) with 160 watts. It's still going strong 20+ years later.
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Quote by paul filth
me and a friend are sort of doing a really small gig (no drummer) and this place is a hall that sits about 200 people, will a 15watt and 10watt amp do it!?

No. They wouldn't even do a rehearsal!
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Quote by C3_Rocka
What? 2 watts?

Those Micro Cube's have some serious balls, I tell ya!

I played with a drummer at church with my Cube 30 when I was in Texas and I had no problem being heard with the amp cranked around 3.5. It really depends on the size of the room and the drummer, though.

If you've got a competent drummer who knows how to play at a sane level, then 30w SS will get you heard, even in a small room, where as some drummers (ie My current drummer) just beat the hell out of the heads and symbols and I have a hard time being heard with my 5150 half stack unless I'm cranked over halfway.
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**** - 15W solid state or tube should do, but ideally you'd want 30W so you're not risking damaging anything and it gives you more flexibility.
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the thing about amps is that you should have an amp that if at full blast you would drown out your drummer. You should never drown them out, but you should get an amp that could, because then you will be able to comfortably be heard without pushing the amp too hard.
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I use a hundred watt amp with 6 inputs. The lead guitar gets put in the High z input, rythm in second one and bass in fourth or fifth. If you've got anything like this, it does the job.
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I was using my 15 watt at my friend's house (thank God I'm replacing it this week), and he was playing drums. Turned up halfway, I was playing a single-note type progression rather audiably, but when I tried to throw in some chords, it got drowned out. I dunno why, maybe because playing the chord forced the amp to share the volume between many strings and it got drowned out.
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i have a crate 65 watt tube amp and thats enough but it doesnt blow the drummer away
and i have a 120 watt bass amp and thats good at a low level but when you get it all going you cant hear any high end stuff
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me and my guitarist friend can hear each other fine with microcubes over drummer mans drums. in fact, i didn't even have to turn it past the volume i normally practise at anyway.
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Ive got a 100watt marshall 2x12 into an 800watt pa. Seems to do the job .
Not doing my ears any good though..
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get a 100 watt if your going to be buying a 65 or 70 watt amp, they're usually only about 50 or 60 dollars more depending on what brand you get. Like i got a Marshall MG amp 100 watt. It was only about 60 dollars more than the 50 watt. save your money and just invest in a 100 watt.
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For bass, AT LEAST 150 to get some degree of audibility, at least 200 to sound decent.
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15 watt for guitar, and about 30 watt for a bass works for rehearsals. My rhythm guitarist has a crappy fender frontman, and a few pedals, and on about 7 or 8 is perfect for practice.
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I play a Dean bass and have a Kustom amp that is 65watt and I had it about 3/4 of the way and it was sounding very nice over the drums. Our Guitarist uses an epiphone Les Paul and a solid state 30watt Line6 amp which was holding pretty well but a 50watt would proboly be a safe bet if ya dont wanna blow the speakers. If you play a decent place live yu can always mic up the amps as well.
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I've done some small gigs with my Roland Cube 60, and i've had to put it up to 1/2 volume and its been loud enough to be heard over my really damn loud drummer. For bass, you'll need at least 100 watts, especially for gigs.
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The bass is going to need alot more watts than you'd think. About 4 times the amount of the guitarist to have equivalent volume and not distort. You may be able to get by with 100 watts for really small gigs and a light-handed drummer, but you'll want 200+ for anything else.
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It really depends on room size, types of speakers you have in your amps, how hard your drummer plays etc. I've played with a drummer using a 20 watt roland amp and could hear myself fine. But I would suggest aroung 75-120 solid state if you want to keep your clean channel clean, either 2x12 combo or halfstack. Anything over a halfstack is sonic overkill.

And to blowing speakers guy, if you have good speakers with the correct power rating they shouldn't blow.
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i have a 50 watt tube amp. When i play at a show in a room about the size of a gymnasium, i turn it up to about 4. VERY LOUD AMP! also great tone. tube amps are the way to go. My drummer also plays extremely loud and i usually only need 3 but for solos my solo button is set to 4
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Wattage does not measure volume. More important is the skill of your drummer (that is to say, how many ways he can hit the drums besides "really ****ing hard")
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