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Lie back, close your eyes, picture yourself in a happy place and enjoy the music .

Some cool atmospheric type music - lemme know what you think.

Edit: Added midi
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Thats pretty sweet, you can picture Bjork or some other Icelandic singer singing over the top of it haha.
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Cool, but too fast to sit back and go to my own, personal happy place.
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very very nice, though the lead thing got a bit repetitive (although thats the same with a lot of ambient stuff). keep up the good work.
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I loved that, keep up the good work
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That was truly amazing! It's a shame it was so short and I would've added a few extra guitar 2 notes at the end of measure 3 on line 15, but nicely done. Really enjoyed that (and thanks for the comments on my track).
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Great stuff,that's all i can,maybe try messing around with different notes for the slow bit(the bit under the chords)

care to comment on my track?
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It's simple, repetitive and absolutely awesome. You deserve to be using Reason, not Power Tab. Shame on you for not meddling with the program you should be.
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This is pretty cool. Reminds me of Donkey Kong Country.

I'd love to hear more.
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^Heh, that's funny, I actually got the inspiration for this from the Ice Cap Zone music from Sonic 3. If you wan to hear more video game music, I posted a more upbeat piece here a while back, PM me if you want it.
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Loved the bass and song. Only thing is it got really boring and repetitive with all the repeats. Try to add some different things in there.