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Okay, so my best friends made a band, Reckon So (http://www.reckon-so.com or http://www.myspace.com/reckonso), exactly one year ago, and have been playing gigs and have been getting popular around the Battle Creek, Michigan area. There are but only 3 or 4 venues around here, but alot more that probably will not accept them, because they are so young (the oldest member will be turning 18 in June(?) and the youngest will turn 16 next month). They're trying to record their debut EP, but they haven't the time yet. When they do, it might be alot more helpful.

That's their story.

My story is that I've been to every single show of theirs, save for their very first, and I've promoted each show I've been to with a **** load of fliers; I've announced for them, and I've even taught one of them a little bit on guitar. I'm hoping a relationship with one of them will work out, but proably not. That won't get in the way, either. I'm planning on getting the band's symbol tattooed somewhere on my left hand.
So.. that's how much I care for this band.

Okay, so, management.

How do I get these guys shows?

I've got a venue list of West Michigan. Now, when I call the venues, what are they going to ask? For an EP?

What do I say?

I know that all comming weekends are open for the boys, so that's primarily when they'll be having shows, right?

They've got shirts, they've got a loyal fanbase, a person who advertises (me... ha.), but,

what else can I do for these guys?

Is a record deal on a MINOR label out of the question?

I'm not on this site much, so it'd would help greatly if you'd just e-mail me at HardcoreAnthem@aol.com.

Thanks so much. This means the world to me. <3
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if they ask for an EP, and the band currently does not have one available, next time they play a show, bring a tape recorder or something to record their live stuff, that way you have a recording even if its not the best quality and stuff. about a record label, it doesn't have anything to do with age or any of that. it all has to do with talent. if they are good at making music, then they might get a record label. there is also a lot of luck involved in this too. another thing, try to open their shows up to other places instead of just western michigan. i live in the detroit metro area and i know a band that does not currently have a record deal, but they play everywhere from birmingham, to royal oak, to detroit, to livonia, to grosse pointe, etc... that would gain them more listeners as well with more publicity that goes along with it. so just go with the flow. remember, you don't want to be in rush to get this band signed or anything, these things take lots of time. if you take your time with things, they should work out good. i trust you'll make the right decision, good luck.
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Okay... so I still need help, bros.

Here's the sit right now:

The venue they started getting really into pays their band **** and doesn't advertise for ****, either. So they pretty much told them to **** off. Which brings us down to only like, 2 venues they can play at.

Yet again... it'd be helpful if I could come in with some new shows for them.

So here's what I need/WANT BADLY:

When I call a venue, what do I say and what are they going to ask for?
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just ask them if they have any available spots for shows and give them some background information.
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Making a demo works well. If you make one and hand it out to local places then they might be more willing to hire you, even if they don't usually hire bands
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Quote by agreth_3rd
you sound more like a groupie than a manager though.

Mm-hhhmm... that would freak me out if someone was following my band like that...
Also, I hate the name... why not try something that will get noticed and doesn't sound childish?
Anyway... you should try record a few songs (doesn't need to be good quality recording, just so that people can hear the songs well and make out all the instruments distinctly.
Try get them to pass for 18 so they can get more venues... alot of bands do that.
Get them to take down the story about crappin' in their freinds bathroom 'cause thats not cool or funny... And while we're on the topic, its '87 not 87'
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call up every venue you can, and let them in on the situation.
'hi, my name is ____ and im the manager for the rock band reckon so. we are very interested in playing at (venue name) and we were wondering if you had any open dates. we would be more than willing to play the first show for free, and depending how that works out, work out a payment for the future.' and so on and so forth. give them the web sites and such, and try as many places as possible, and be willingto go in for an audition. i also think it would work better to get in touch with property managers via email, as you could leave links and such. good luck!