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that looks physically impossible to play on guitar...

But who knows, maybe someone can race their hands up and down the fretboard with legendary accuracy and timing XD or something...
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dude thats sick!

the main riff is good, not sure about those 4 chords you put in every once in a while. the ending with the synths bursting in with the sweeping is ****ing cool.

at the ending slides
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Lol, I love that main riff. Reminds me of SOAD somewhat. But those chords sound weird as hell o_0

No way can you play that solo.
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Very extreme, not sure on the string chords though. Can you play any of that?
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lmao, it sounds as if you played it on a keyboard and mixed it on the computer with sounds and effects. No offense but thats very crap.
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is this ptab? cuz i cant open it

soo much n00bage
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crap i say...there's no way anyone can play that, it's physically impossible, try creating something that is actually playable, anyone can put a bunch of 32nd and 64th notes together but cmon it's ridiculous
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Send it to Yngwie J. Malmsteem, and let him try to unleash the focking fury on it... or even steve vai, between the two of them, they may just be able to pull it off lol
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pff..i can play that

at 40 bpm
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