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i finished this last night. i think that it is more cohesive than before. hope you like this. it is how i am keeping it. we are working on recording everything we've put on powertab now that our eight track is up and running.
if i cut off your arms and legs
and wrap you in some fucked-up cocoon,
would you still look at me and say
"you can't catch what you can't see"
well i caught you honey,
like the clap sugar.
what do you think of that?
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The dissonant harmonies weren't exactly my thing, but the piece was - how do I put it? - strongly atmospheric. That's a good thing, by the way. Although I couldn't detect a strong melody, it was emotional and - gah. I need to listen to it again.

The intro reminds me of Radiohead - Let Down. I really enjoy the bits where the second guitar slides a lot, but chord-triplet combination doesn't work well in MIDI. I apologize for the generic criticism, but I'm finding this one difficult to critique. It seems like the type of song that MIDI destroys, but that would be awesome in a live recording. On second thoughts, I wouldn't actually change anything major in this song. Now that i've become used to them, the triplets do work well to create a strong sense of disjointment. Sorry for being so vague; let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to comment on.

Nice work, overall. A recording would be beautiful.