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MY ultimate goal on guitar is to shred!! I'm a HUGE fan of the likes of Vai, Satriani, Dragonforce (seeing them soon!), Dream Theatre....etc. anything that has cool, beautiful, light speed, awesome guitar work.

I've been playing a year now. My question is....what do I need to practice (constantly, I will!) to reach this goal?
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check out the lessons on this site, but to start off get yourself a metronome and practice stuff slowly, then work your way up to a faster temp once u are comfortable.

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Try some of the Paul Gilbert techniques... Look out for them in Guitar Technique Magazine...I know you can get that because i see you are from Ireland Hope not form Cork though :P
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go here to talk to other UGers about shred

go here for lessons and to watch vids of shredders

buy a metronome, learn the exercises, practice them at slower speeds first until you have perfected the technique, then increase the speed a little bit at a time (about 8 bpm) until you can play at your desired speed. ALWAYS pick from the wrist or thumb, do NOT pick from your elbow because you will only set yourself up for long term elbow damage, as well as making a habit out of a bad technique and also limit your accuracy.

You should start working on sweep picking, alternate and economy picking, string skipping, tapping, etc. and always start out slow. don't think that just because you are playing at a slow pace that you can play sloppily. when you play slow, that is your chance to perfect your technique so that when you play it fast, it is clean.
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A few things to get you started


Work your way up the neck, strict alternate picking


Try mixing it up a little


unfortunately, typical shred riffs like above tend to sound flat if
not played at a fast speed. as a rule of thumb, use all fingers, and stick to
a finger per fret. always warm up. If you have trouble with stretches, move the riffs
up the neck, and as dexterity improves move down the neck.