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I choose to do band of the week because there are jsut too many bands...and i cant wait a month!

This week, being the first week I have choose a band that i have allready posted a tab on called; The Fiery Furnaces.

The furnaces are a musical, brother-sister, duo from Oak Park, IL. (represent the IL) Believe it or not they had their differences growing up, but coming from a musical family, Eleanor and Matthew both loved music. After college they both reunited in Oak Park and start dabbling in music together. Eventually they moved to the NYC where they started playing together.

Now they are signed with Rough Trade which has produced the likes of The Decembrists and Babyshambles. But, Fiery Furnaces style is beyond innovative, they mix a little folk, a little garage band rock, a little blues and alota indie, to form this new style of music i am dubbing: "stream of conscienceness." Its truelly an aqcuired taste and it takes time getting used to them, but i urge you to give them an honest effort. The song with the best expresion of this style is; Seven Silver Curses, which i could not find an mP3 for (EDIT: But Andrew could ).

They have toured with the likes of The Shins, and even a little band named after this one guy that started WW1. Currently they are working on their new album due out next year called; Bitter Tea.

Tropical Iceland
Crystal Clear
Single Again
Blueberry Boat
Gallowsbird Bark
And their most recent: Rehearsing My Choir

As far as music goes, why listen to an mP3 when you can buy a CD?

But if you must check out this web site
I Suggest Quay Cur, and check out some of their live stuff

Or Check Out Their Home Page (Flash Player Required) Or (For You Non-Flashers) Check them Out Here!
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Since I wrote last weeks on like saturday night it is TECHNICALLY a new week, Hooray!

Even though this band is moderately more popular than last week's band, I had to pick them for this week because I have been listening to them for the past two weeks non-stop. If you have never checked out any of their music YOU NEED TO! This week's band is a little 4-guy 1-girl team known popularly as; Murder By Death.

Formally, these boys, and girl, from Bloomington, Indiana resided by the awkward name of Little John Gould. After touring for about a year under that name, and after signing with Eyeball Records, they decided it is time for a more appropriate name change. So how did they come up with Murder By Death you say? Well, the band members must have had some form of infatuation with Robert Moore's 1976 murder mystery called; Murder By Death.

If you have never heard of these cuties you are truely missing out. Don't make a mistake in thinking they are light-weights, they have toured with these bands called Thursday and Interpol...! In their three years of being a band they have realesed to fantastic albums.

The first: Like the Excorcist, But More Breakdancing, is, in my opinion, by far their best work. If your the type of person that buys and album to listen to one or two of your favorite songs then this album may not be for you. You really have to put it on and listen to it all the way threw to appreciate Murder By Death's musical talent. They have touched everything from gutiars to keyboards to synthesizers and to the cello. There lyrics are also something to listen too, they range fromt he awkwardly indie lyrics to some pretty powerful lyrics that, I am sure, some people can relate too.

From this album I would suggest:
I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe
Joe Bou
Intergalactic Menopause (Don't Worry No Beastie Boys Here)
And for a more musical chill song i suggest: Thoose Who Stayed

Album Number 2: Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left Of Them? This album, in my opinion, shows a little darker side of their lead singer; Geoff Rickly. The album paints a story of a small town who's people come under attack by demonic impulses...weird huh? Not so much acutally, the lyrics on this album are a little better and we also hear alot more Cello, which is played by the lone-femal; Sarah Balliet. Unfortunately I can not say it topped their previous album, but I am deffinitly looking forward to their next album!

On this album I would suggest:
Pillars of Salt (For a taste of some Cello)
The Desert Is On Fire
Three Men Hanging
And the Finale: The End Of The Line

* Here's a new song that was just relased for their next album COMING SOON! Its called Dynamite Mind.

I had trouble finding mP3's but check out some of these video's!

Check Out The Web-Site: Its Murda.
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I'm tired of waiting for a new one...

The last BOTW was posted over a month ago, I figured it was time for a new one and have taken it upon myself to write one. For this week I have choosen a 4 person band; Three men, all fronted by one tiny woman. We call them Deerhoof.

A Quick History:

In April of 1994 in San Fransico, California, Deerhoof was formed by drummer Greg Saunier and guitarist Rob Fisk. In 1996 Satomi Matsuzaki joined the band on vocals and bass, and the trio released The Man, The King, and The Girl. In 1999, Holdypaws was released, and soon after Fisk left the band. Halfbird was released in 2001 when the band was joined by John Dieterich. The band began to receive critical and commercial success with their 2002 album Reveille, this is when people such as Karen O, Matt Groening and Sonic Youth claimed to be fans. With the addition of second guitarist Chris Cohen, the band recorded Apple O' in 2003. In 2004 Milk Man was released. Deerhoof's most current release, The Runners Four, was released in October of this year.

The Sound

Deerhoof's signature sound has come from Satomi's high pitched vocals, Greg's interesting drumming, and the fun and often noisy riffs that are strung together by Chris and John. Don't let your initial reaction fool you, this band grows on you. To be honest, I hated Deerhoof at first listen, but loved them at the second. Don't believe me? Ask Slinks. If you don't like this band at first, give it another try a week later, and maybe another (if you need to).


I recomend their later stuff, such as Apple O', Milk Man, and Reveille. It is not as noisy and are good starters for the up and coming Deerhoof fan.

Songs to listen to:

Dummy Discards a Heart
Blue Cash
Milk Man
Holy Night Fever
This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
Magic Star


More Deerhoof music

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
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We haven't had one in a few weeks so I thought I'd do one. This week's band is Precious Fathers, a post-rock quartet from Vancouver. They are super-obscure so if they blow up then you'll be able to say you liked them long before they got popular. I discovered them the other day when listening to my Last. FM recomendation radio. They sound a bit like Feel Good Lost era Broken Social Scene mixed with a little Explosions in The Sky.

Biography/Album Description (From their official website

The long awaited debut full length from this Vancouver instrumental post-rock shoegazer ensemble, with members linked to other projects such as Destroyer, Loscil, Sparrow, the Battles, and more. Boasting [minutes and seconds] of compositional complexity and mood-shifting instrumental rock with this first outing. Based within the traditional parameters of the trade?electric guitars, synth, bass, drums and the occasional horn?The PF?s have molded a new being. At once subtle, mesmerizing and inspired, the record moves fluidly from the subdued to the sanguine. Turns of melodic phrase draw us in with a physical dimension and quiet reserve to express a delicate beauty and plaintive driving grace, fully formed. Simultaneously somber and hopeful, the songs evince an imagined railroad landscape, painting canvases of prairies, pastures, snowy peaks and rain-slicked, abandoned city streets. Nobly produced with a warmth and thoughtfulness that does full justice to the power and evocative melancholia of the songwriting, the record elicits nostalgia for some imagined past and a future only promised.

Now, for the material!

Truth be told, I've only heard all the free songs I could get my hands on because you can only get the s/t album online, and my mom is convinced that any internet site she buys from will rip her off. But, if you have a Myspace and Last FM account, over half the album is available for you to listen too. The S/T album is the only one currently available, and you can buy it here:

Or, for free audio...

Official website:

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Polvo is a quartet from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The band is:

Eddie Watkins - drums
Ash Bowie - guitar/vocals (Ash also plays in Helium)
Steve Popson - bass
Dave Brylawski - guitar/vocals

I decided to do this band, because everyone was talking about post rock as of late...I wanted to move somewhere else...

This band produce an interesting and dynamic sound. The dissonant music is focused more on the atmospheric feel and texture, rather than structure, which is loose to say the least. Some consider this band to be one of the beginning bands of math rock. The band put together amazing tunes that I find are often very fun and catchy. The band really hooks you in with the fun melodies and riffs that stick in your head.Polvo (Spanish for ?dust?) are celebrated underground band that never got the recognition of the mainstream.

I suggest Today?s Active Lifestyle. It is one of the more listen-able albums (in case you aren?t ready for the dissonance). It is catchy, and puts me in an atmosphere of rocking bliss. I simply love it.

Links to some songs: (updated Yousendit links)
Thermal Treasure
Time Isn?t On My Side
Solitary Set

I really enjoy this band. I hope you do to.
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