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G|-----------------------------------------------------5v--------------------| zeros pm
D|000----000------000---000--------------------------------------------| x3

G|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| zeros pm
A|------2-------2----------2-------2--0h1h3------------------0h1h2p---| once then back to riff ^

pinch harmonic and vibrato on the last note on the first riff you do x3. so first riff x3 then just other riff and go back to the start and so foruth. its just a riff i made critt for critt.

Me playin guitar, mp3, random lead

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me too!
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You should click and read the following:

Worst title I've ever seen. Not only is reading "crit" annoying, but you spelled it differently and used it twice in your tiitle. As for the riff, it's hard to know without a rhythm. The first part with the 0s and 2s doesn't sound good and the parts after them aren't good either. It seems like they have some direction, but maybe just not good notes. Maybe this riff would sound better not in drop d? Better, but still not good. Either use code or use the font courier new for the tabs. They're much easier to read and indicate rhythms that way. If you don't hate me now and would like to critique one of my songs, you might try the one in my signature.