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Whats your favorite not nationally known or local band?

Mine would be a band from Midlothian Texas by the name of Octobers Farewell
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Actually they're known world wide, but in very small numbers.
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Agent 5 Nine, dunno how know they are, alot of people i know didnt know who they are, but they are from where i live
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the clarks. im on a first name basis with them
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i would have to say Hurricane Party (whoe are now called roadstar) they have an ep out, and there ****in wicked.
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Submerged in Dirt from Oklahoma, I'm friends with their guitar player, Royce, just Google them and you'll find them.
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Probaly Mourning Glory from Ashland, MA. They're getting bigger, and are pretty well known for their area, but are nowhere near famous. Ive attended several shows, and even a few practices, hell, I even ate thanksgiving dinner with their string section. (Guitar and Bass.)
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The Hot Shot Freight Train or Third Floor View...I found TFV here on UG and THSFT trough school, being how my old English teacher's their drummer...but they're pretty cool
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Rotary Downs from New Orleans.One of my favorite bands of all time.
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Source of Prosperity
Crimson Ink
Field Theory
Shrimp Shack Sunrise
^All Local^
Protest The Hero
^Canadian band, slowly getting big^
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Their name is the Schoolyard Heroes. Look them up on myspace, they seriously rock. I mean, Horror rock with a opera-style female singer? You can't go wrong with that...
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A local pop/indie/rock band called Another Cynthia. They kick so much ass.
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mine would be this band from UK i found on myspace called All or Nothing, they are really cool
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a band in my area called 7 sided animal..the mosh pits are fun lol. and there singer can scream so well! (i h8 screaming but this guys good)
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Plastic Hamster, they performed at a friends comedy show, they were awesome!
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Ludo...the have one of the best rants in a song ever...that and a song about pirates
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Running Wild, the best pirate themed metal band ever. either that or this klezmer dude that made 50 albums the year he turned 50 years old. man that jew can rock.
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My favorites would have to be:

El Paso Hot Button
He is a one mand Blues/Indie/Rock band from Oklahoma. He plays Snare with his left foot, Bass with his right, Plays guitar, Sings, and uses a Theremin. He also has another website with other music On it and Videos:

Destroyer Destroyer
Very Sick Grind/Noise band from OKC. Very good if you dig that kinda stuff.
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Tears Fall Red

a sweet hardcore abdn from my local area
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james brown's body.

killer reggae outfit.
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i just noticed how horribly bad people are at naming bands

anyway, my favorite is a band from Roselle, IL called Team Rock-It
check 'em out on Myspace
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yeah well i'd have 2 say my band which doesn't actually have a name right now...
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Ohana. My sisters boyfriends friends. They're from Woollongong or however you spell it.

enjoy kiddies, i love them so.
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Ozric Tentacles!!!!!!!! Please check them out if you like prog, shred, world music... hell, just good music in general!
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a lot of good hc bands here in Limburg, Belgium!

The Setup (!!) they're already going international! (not really from Limburg though I think...)
Sparkle Of Hope - and (they're presenting their new full cd on March 18 I think.
Lost In Rhone -
From My Hands (know these dudes pretty well) -

of course, our real Belgian pride, non-hc, is Millionaire!

and if you care, my band's site is (no mp3's yet)
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