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Hey, this an acoustic song my band and i played, its one of our first, we play more heavy stuff now, but what do u guys think of this? its onlyguitar part
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A little repetitive, but I like what you did with the two different guitar parts. some nice stuff in there.
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it randomly jumps up to the 15th fret and back down to 4...
no need to do that, that just makes it sound dead live cuz u cant get a long enough note out at that tempo
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lol yeah, i'm changing that 15th fret thing, and i'll try to get a recording of it up, i'll need to have one of my friends come over to play the other part tho.
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The rhythms and chords are very catchy, but some of the harmonies were off, for example in the intro, where one guitar is playing an open A and the other is simultaneously playing a B. I demand a live recording!
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^**** off.

The intro triiplets are a nice idea,but the 4th bar ruins it.

next 4 bars are pretty good.

don't really like bar 20-24

stop repeating....
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thx guys i'll see what i can do about a recording, but my bands other guitarist is gone for a long time because his grandma is sick or something.