I see absolutely no talk of him on here. He is quickly starting to climb my list of favorites. What does everyone think of this incredible musician? Favorite albums, songs?

My favorite album is Night Vision, and favorite song is Last Night Of The World.
if i had a rocket launcher, it is the only song i know by him and it is brilliant, my guitar teacher showed me, more favorite songs people post i get to check out so please add
wrong genre-Bruce cockburn is folk not classic rock.
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hmm never heard of him..

ill have to have a listen..

cockburn hahhahahaa
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
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wrong genre-Bruce cockburn is folk not classic rock.

This was the best spot for him, and I would consider him as Classic Rock, I mean he is a bit folk at times, but his first album was in 1970....

EDIT: and just in case some of you didn't notice, the "ck" is silent in his name.
i love brucey. he kicked a lot of ass in the '80s and who can forget, last night of the world. he doesn't have a long list of incredible songs, but he has some real good ones that are well hidden - if a tree falls in the forest, if i had a rocket launcher.
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Bruce Cockburn is definately one of my favourite musicians. I like his album "You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chance". It's a live album and every single song on it is awesome. Favourite songs are Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Silver Wheels, My Beat, and the amazing instrumental: Train in the Rain.

You're right on never seeing his name on this website. It's really too bad, he's amazing.
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So if you don't think Bruce is rock, listen to the album "Stealing Fire". Really great album!