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Here's a piece a threw together over the last few days. It basically came out of me wanting to fool around with a piano piece, seeing as ive never played piano before, and me learning the hungarian mode. Some of the guitar riffs don't flow the best and there's one part in the first piano section that i hate, but couldnt manage to fix. So anyways, tell me what you think of it, give me any critiques and whutnot.
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I really thoroughly enjoyed that. All the little fills really brought the piece to life, and I loved the harmonies. Reminds me of something Queen would do. great stuff.

I didn't like how it ended to abruptly though. it also felt like the song should be longer overall if its going to be some sort of epic.
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Wow, shoebox81, this piece is truly awesome. The piano is an unexpected but welcome surprise, and one thing you had that I especially liked was no clashing notes. Far too often, user compositions have harmonies that are discordant, regardless of whether they claim to be "atonal" or not.

The piano's great, considering you don't actually play it. In fact, even if you did, the harmony is still fantastic. How long have you been playing/composing? This is seriously amazing. As piratepirate said, it could easily be some sort of epic. There's nothing I would change at all, except for perhaps the abrupt ending.
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At first I thought it was going to be a diabolical punk song. But, oh, how I was wrong. It truly is amazing
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Awesome song.

I love the way it's based around a war and i thought the sections really captured the right mood.the variations on the progression were great.

overal,really top quality.
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like everyone said, really good. sounds like Sufjan Stevens.

needs a better ending.
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Thats one of the best things I've heard on here in a while. The piano fits in perfectly with the guitar and the mood of each section really gets across the point of the name. This is really a great piece. Good job and keep this up.