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THis could be pointless to some. THis is the prewarning. if you dont want to waste your time then dont read this.....

So get this guys. I live in Birmingham Alabama. Many people dont think of a very big hardcore scene here but its growing. OK so the show tonight was evil right wing conspiracy (ska), fixed till tuesday (poppy hardcore, check them out on myspace...good band) then MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER and AS CITIES BURN. now the place that holds the show, called cave 9, will hold about 500 people on the balcony and everything, but it is very uncomforatable. well i get to the show about 15 min after the doors open because of horribble traffic. and there was the biggest line i have ever seen at a local show. but not only was the line huge but the doors had already sold out, so the venue was full already. the owners of the venue told people that it was sold out and that eveyone else needed to leave, but in a nice way. well i didnt get in so i went to eat at the local hangout. and about 30 minutes later, kids show up who were in the show and say that it got shut down. the firemarshall came and said it was overoccupied and that some people were goin to have to leave. no one left so they shut the show down. (one of my friend had snuck in earlier and ended up getting 8 bucks when they were giving refunds) they say over 1200 kids came to the show. some from surrounnding states (a guy came from tenesse, who gave plasma to pay for his ride)so i posted this just to tell everyone about it. would love to hear any reply.
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now thats hardcore...
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That sucks. Man, I hate it when things like that happen.

Friend of mine saw a show with about 10 bands all with quick shifts. Two or three were okay, but one of his favourite bands were there.

They split up two days before the show. He went anyway, but walked half way through.
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Yeah, I remember that ****.

I wasn't there, but I heard about it. I went to the basically makeup show at the Homewood Armory. Kicked ass.

When you have four of the biggest bands known to B'ham trying to cram into ****ing Cave 9. It doesn't happen.

and Al's ahaha.
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