I'm trying to make a collection of the very best powertabs that have been posted in here.

Why? To give people inspiration and to show people who are new to powertabs just how good they can be.

So far,i have about 4 though i'm trying to get grovermans to pick his best ones for here.

Any powertab that you have on your computer or can rember as being good,feel free to post it in here and we can decide whther it is worthy to go on the list.

I'm trying to keep this as being UG's Best PTs,so try to only post PTs that you reckon deserve to be here.

So far,i have chosen-

Grovermans- Floral Skyscrapers- Very mellow
Shoebox81- A Middle Eastern Conflict- Cinematic style music
Hthedinga- Idle Wing- Just awesome
Darksonata- Piano- Classical
Weebl- Acoustic Ballad
Saddam- Meaningless Casualties- Heavy Metal
Metalxhed89- In Ruins:Cast a Cold Eye- Heavy Metal
PiratePirate- Belleza Completa- Classical with guitar solos
i3lackmagik- The Bird has Flown- Meldoic acoustic, Great stufff

If anyone agrees/dis-agrees with any selection made in this thread,feel free to post about it.

EDIT: Dam, i ran out of file space trying to add the bird has flown, and now i can't get the old file back on.
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Heres an older one of mine. I wouldnt give you my newer stuff cause anything recent is pretty much still a WIP.

Most people really liked this when I put it up awhile back.
I though I come here and plug my Amy's Song. The only bad thing about it was the solo. I didnt think it was that bad. Everyone Loved everything else.
Amy Finished.zip
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Yeah, those are all really nice powertabs..Good job you guys. =)

You're doing the community a good favor by doing this, I would post my "best" powertab, but as of date, I don't have a good one...The best I've done has still been flamed to cinders as crap, but you can still take a look..Even though you said it was too random for you(as did a lot of others), it might still be a little good, eh?

Umm i dont mean to come off as a conceited prick, but may I ask why mine wasn't chosen?
OK,after another listen,piratepirate's goes up,as does in ruins- cast a cold eye.
wow... weird ****ing tuning on In Ruins-cast a cold eye, but that's a damned amazing piece and the only one of these I hadn't heard. Kudos to all of you though, those are some damn good pieces... if I was a chick, floral skyscrapers would make me wet...
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All of these picks are just phenominal. My hat goes off to all of the composers, especially Grovermans and Darksonata, who broke away from the traditional hard and fast guitar screaming and still kicked everyone's ass.
Here's the piece I wrote that won some contest on the boards a while back. It's not the best thing I'd say I ever posted, but I don't feel like digging around. This is a good idea for a thread.

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Here's the piece I wrote that won some contest on the boards a while back. It's not the best thing I'd say I ever posted, but I don't feel like digging around. This is a good idea for a thread.


I remeber this one,that competition was years ago,but thanks,and,i know you don't want to dig around,but have you got the prog one anywhere handy? That was an amazing powertab.
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I actually wrote that one on a friend's computer and it was destroyed some time later, so it might be gone for good :-\.


these two were the most well received ones i thought, well, the'r the best ones i've done according to me anyway
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I can't remember the user, but the Powertab is called "War Is Calling". I found that amazing and think it should be posted up.
haha, this has been on for ages, shows how often i have time to come on here now....altho its cool to see one of mines on there, altho theres probably more deserving songs from other people lol, plus i personally think ive written much better songs since then, but am yet to post them, nice idea for a thread tho
Whatever happened to this thread, it seems like it died, someone needs to get it started up again it was very enjoyably having all the best powertabs in one place. It was a good idea, it had many wonderful tabs to listen to and it gave those who haven't quite mastered powertab yet something to learn from. Plus, there are a few powertabs that have been posted recently that I believe could be up there, apparently a few people think that My "War Is Calling" piece should be up there. Well anyways, we need to get this up and running again.
Yeh, i haven't been very active lately and the problem is that all the songs together go past the hosting limit on UG.

Any Suggestions?I think it could do with a clean up aswell.
I like his idea with different zip files with "medals." Also, idk if i can but i will have another PT to post in maybe a week or so by my other band. if you guys say only one per user thats fine..
I consider this to be one of my best to date... I recall posting it quite a while back, but it's had some major renovations since then. (Zip file, inclues PT and MIDI)
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