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It's good,very good,make sure the rest of the songs as good.
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Thanks for the crits guys, I really like it as well. As for genre of it, idk, it sounds sort of screamoish? maybe, I'm not sure.
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Meh, it was alright. The people here that are going "OMFG THAT WAZ OSOME LOLOL" clearly have no idea how to write a song. Personally I found it a bit boring and repetative, but it's not too bad. You should see some of the **** my friends and I come up with.
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that was pretty good..i agree that it was a bit could probably make the bass a little more rifftastic than a repeated note
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its cool, as the others say its a bit repetitive...
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Pretty sweet. It sounds like the song Vespeterian Hallucinations by Undetermined, which happens to be a really great yea..good stuff.
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sounds like a old sum41 song. kinda repetitive but not bad.