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The most recent excursion of Steve Albini (produced Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Pixies records), a viscerally raw punk/rock band.

One of my favourite bands at the moment - totally hypnotic and aggressive.

Anyone heard them? If so what did you think?
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this would go down better in alt+indie.
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Yeah excellent band. I'm a big fan of Steve Albini's bands and Shellac are no exception.

Though Big Black were the best
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^ No way, no one can beat Shellac.
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I think Big Black are pretty damn good, but Shellac definitely benefit from the drums - probably my favourite drum parts in any modern band.

Has anyone heard of his project before Big Black, they were called Rapeman? I can't get my hands on any of their cds but in interviews Albini says he likes what he did with them.
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Big Black is my favorite Albini Band, but shellac is damn good too.
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Shellac ****ing rules, seeing them live in May (yes!)
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Rapeman was after big black and had members of jesus lizard I believe. I'm pretty sure insound and amazon have their album. It's called 'Two Nuns and a Packmule."

Shellac Destroy. Saw them last summer. Listen to Uzeda, Italy's shellac.
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