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I'm in a indy / pop-punk band and we use drop C#
Think modern metal and post hardcore.
Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Nazerith
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LoG use Drop D. Killswitch Engage, Nazareth, Arch Enemy, Kalmah, In Flames, Darkest Hour, Bullet For My Valentine, Chimaira, Stemm...and the list goes on that use drop C.
black dhalia murder
children of bodom (the newest albums)
rammstein (newest albums)
the new metallica (sucks)
mudvayne (newest album)
shadows fall
static x (older albums)
chimaira, i guess (i think they used some 7 strings on a few songs)
cradle of filth (the new, i guess)
hatebreed, i guess
this is wierd but i know metallica now use drop c tuning for some reason, well they did on St. Anger and are recording the new album using this tuning
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Breaking Benjamin

i was kind of surprised in that one.

Poison The Well does. I think the Deftones might on some of their stuff. Blindside did on some of their older stuff. As I Lay Dying.

and I coulda swore KsE used drop D. :\
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i thought Bodom play in straight C, not drop C.

you may watch the sixpounder, are you dead yet videos to see how he plays the songs with "one finger chords"
Queens of the Stone Age tune down 2 steps to C, but not drop-C
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Most of the songs on The Caitiff Choir are drop C, with the exception of "Enjoy the Silence."
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With the exception fo their new album bodom generally play in straight 1 step down (d tuning).
Godsmack, Nonpoint, Mudvayne, SOAD, and Disturbed use Drop C in a lot of their songs.
The guitarist from HIM I think... but I doubt anyone wants to play them.
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Korn do on some of their stuff.

No,they don't in any of their songs. They use an Ibanez 7-string tuned down a full step in every song except Alone I break which is tuned down another half step.
I think A Perfect Circle does or has.
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I think A Perfect Circle does or has.
most of their songs are in in C# i think, possibly C, but generally they're not dropped. i think some songs might be, Pet for instance, but i dont know what register its in
okay so from first to lasts new stuff does i believe and i think in one of three days graces songs, or maybe a couple, but they do in animal i have become.... at least i think
Deftones' White Pony album is all [or at least mostly I think] in drop C. Also:
Bullet For My Valentine
Lostprophets [fakesoundofprogress album]
System Of A Down
Still Remains
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i think children of bodom do.

they do. alexi said in an interview thing in guitar player magazine.
Old school System of a down, nowadays they use C# (Mezmerize/Hypnotize). Pretty much all metal bands really. Atreyu, Zao, As I Lay Dying, most likely The Autumn Offering, and **** like that. as for non-metal bands? i dont think anyone. Punks mostly use standard to half step and emo uses standard i think (I dont care bout emo). and all the other **** is pretty much standard.
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