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Breaking Benjamin, for only one album (We Are Not Alone), Bullet For My Valentine on pretty much anything they do. Metallica on St. Anger, I think Down do occasionally, like on the song Where I'm Going.
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Nirvana used Drop C in Come As You Are. They may have used it in Lithuim aswell but i can't remeber.
john mayer uses it for 'neon' btw thats an awesome song
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Old school System of a down, nowadays they use C# (Mezmerize/Hypnotize). Pretty much all metal bands really. Atreyu, Zao, As I Lay Dying, most likely The Autumn Offering, and **** like that. as for non-metal bands? i dont think anyone. Punks mostly use standard to half step and emo uses standard i think (I dont care bout emo). and all the other **** is pretty much standard.

na man u got it backwards punk is usually standered or Eb but emo is D or Db.

emo sux!

punk rock is not dead
do you drop the e string in drop c? whats the advantage of playing in it?
I've seen emo-er.

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do you drop the e string in drop c? whats the advantage of playing in it?

It sounds alot heavyer, and yes you do its CGCFAD
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In generallaities, they tend to use drop C.

no they dont they use drop d get through your head people
Bullet For My Valentine

Riot by Three Days Grace is in Drop C, awesome song too.
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just about every hardcore and metalcore band out their you can think of, chances are they play in drop c
you're not fucking hardcore, you're not fucking punk
you're not fucking good, face it you're a metal band
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just about every hardcore and metalcore band out their you can think of, chances are they play in drop c

and all completely blow.
Besides Bodom and Evergrey, there are NO metal bands that use Drop C, just metalcore ****.
i think you will find most metal, hardcore, death metal, doom, anything realted to metal will be in drop unless they specifaclly made a song not in that tuning
Godsmack and some trivium
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Better yet.

Nile: Drop A
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
Children of Bodom played in D Standard, but used Drop C for 'Are You Dead Yet?', I think Pantera used Dropped C for 'The Great Southern Trendkill', Killswitch Engage, old SOAD, their newer stuff is in C#.

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children of bodom use a ****load of different tunings.... like every album id a different tuning.... and lamb of god is in drop d.
pretty much every metalcore band
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I'm pretty sure most screamo bands use drop C. I know Escape the Fate uses drop C. HIM uses drop C. And to the idiot that said no one will probly want to listen to HIM. I do listen to HIM. They're one of my favorite bands.
And this bit of information was so important that you bumped a thread that was dead since 2009, and was previously dead since 2007.
Damn its a very old thread
Bullet for my valentine
Children of Bodom
Cradle of filth
Kill switch Engage
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bullet for my valentine
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