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Here is a song I finished up a few days ago. After my piano piece got such good comments I wanted to try something with keyboard parts and some neoclassical feel to it. So tell me what you think of this piece, it is greatly needed and appreciated.
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I think it's very cool, but can you play it or did you just compose it? Either way it's pretty impressive.
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I can play the guitar parts but since i've never played piano or keyboard before I just used my guitar to make the keyboard parts.
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Overall, very well composed. However, it did sound like there were some clashing notes during some sections. Certain bits just sounded awkward or too forced.
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i didn't think it was anything special man, sorry...
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i dont like it very much...it's repeated way too much and the organs somewhat override the guitar so it doesn't blend well at all...the prolonged power chords just dragged on and killed the song too...
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The sweeping arpeggios sound as piratepirate put it, awkward. I felt like the whole thing was kindof dragged out...
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Well, all I have to say is it failed to keep my attention. Especially that fast power chord section 4-6-44444444444444444444-2-4-22222222222222222 that got boring quick.
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Put a bit of contrast in there. Maybe then it will grab our attention.
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