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hey, this is my newest. It has a lot of tempo changes, so it's better when you turn off the metronome. Please tell me what you guys think!!

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First of all.
a) Your a great composer.
b) Your a great guitarist.

The thing I love about is how some of the riffs sound very...middle-eastern. The solo fits in perfectly and everything is just, fantastic!
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That was great. The interlude and guitar solos were my favorite parts. The only thing is the verses could use some work, I didn't really care for those. Other than that, great job.
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very dissonant, yet quite good.
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Wow, I haven't found too many tabs on here I actually thought were worthy of a song. This is an epic. I think it's great man, You've definately got something here. I can't think of anything off the top of my head to make it better, but maybe a solo or some sort of lead towards the beginning to sort of introduce it. Great work.
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thx man, and that's a pretty good idea, i'll get on that!