When tuning up tonight my friends Floyd Rose Tremolo kept pulling farther and farther away from the body. Its a wierd problem that just started occuring. Anyone have any ideas on how to adjust it back? Every time he tunes up now the strings go flat immediately thereafter.
what kind of floyd is it. DId u just switch tunings.
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Well if he tried anything like changing the tuning, or changing his string guage, he has to reset the springs in the back of the guitar.
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Did you switch the gauge of strings or tunings? To adjust it, simply go in the back compartment of your guitar and adjust the bridge using the two large screws. Tigthen them, and the bridge will simmer down.
First of all CALM DOWN!, open up the back and add a spring or two OR tighten the screws as guitarjared said.
How would one go about tightening the springs? Is that controlled via the screws? Which screws exactly?
Clearly, you and your friend have no floyd experience.

If the guitar has an Floyd Rose, refer to google for the Floyd Rose homepage to get help. If you have an Ibanez Edge, refer to google for the Ibanez homepage to get help. If you have a Kahler, refer to google for the Kahler homepage to get help. Basically, a quick search can do a lot.

But I'll spare you the trouble and give you a quick lecture on Floyd Roses:

A Floyd Rose bridge floats on its two studs on the left and right of the bridge that lowers/raises the action. Why? Because string tension vs. spring tension keeps the bridge balanced. When you tune UP a guitar, you obviously add to the amount of string tension therefore making spring tension weaker to string tension so the bridge gets pull out (strings pull on the bridge). Now if you tune DOWN, obviously you'd be lowering the amount of string tension therefore, the bridge will get sucked into the cavity (springs pull on the bridge).

So... now that you know how that works, can you understand how to adjust the springs and the strings tensions properly with a little common sense.

If you wanted to tune UP and the bridge is INSIDE the body, LOOSEN the springs (take a screwdriver and loosen the tremelo cavity plate on the back of the guitar) by moving the plate where the springs attach to the guitar FORWARD. Now if you wanted to tune UP and the bridge was OUT of the body, TIGHTEN the springs.

If you wanted to tune DOWN and the bridge is INSIDE the body, TIGHTEN the springs. If you wanted to tune DOWN and the bridge is OUT the body, LOOSEN the springs.

Once you figure out which one you need, loosen the springs and then tune up and see if the bridge is PARALLEL with the body. If it's not, readjust the springs again and tune again until you get the bridge to the right angle.

Once you're finally done that, just lock up the nut and fine tune and put the plate back on and you're done.

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Ah thanks for the info. It was definitely helpful. Indeed I know jack about Floyd Rose setups because I am a fixed tremolo kinda guy
Help please. Bought a sweet Randy roads Jackson with a floyd.but the bridge posts are lifting up.when I removed springs from claw.and removed bridge I could easily pull posts out .so the action will not stay down.and tightening posts makes it lift out more