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When i am presing down on the string to play a note, I have a hard time not having my finger touching the strings above or below. this causes alot of problems with strumming, any suggestions with making this problem a thing of the past?

Thanks in advance!
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I usually have that prob when I let my nails grow too long
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Well, my nails arent long, but my fingers are pretty wide. The thing is, It is very hard to do this even if i take time to position them, I just dont have enough room.
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just keep going slowly back and forth between two chords until all the strings ring out clear...it sounds tedious but its the only way...and try to not let your thumb wrap around the neck

try keeping the thumb in the middle of the neck so you arnt grabbing the bottom of the neck w/the palm of your hand, this will force you to use the absolute tips of your fingers to press down a string, thus, less chance of muting another string you dont want to mute

you can get away with grabbing the neck if you have huge hands though...like hendrix for example...but if you have medium to smaller sized hands you want the thumb in the middle of the neck
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Your fingers can touch the other strings, as long as they're muted. Try and play a chord without muting any of the notes, and then play it again, muting any notes that might ring out. You can also use your palm to mute those strings. (I would be more specific about what chords you can mute, but I don't know what you're playing. What exactly are you having trouble with?)
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You should try centering your thumb, I used to have the same trouble. If you have your thumb's tip pressed against the back of the neck, it should be easier to get an arch on your fretting fingers. It will take some getting used to, if that is the problem
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Yeah your fingers should be as close to straight up and down on the fret board as can be--having your thumb in the middle helps that, I find. but if you can find another way to get your fingers to form a "T" with the fretboard, by all means....good luck.