I just today picked up a new amp. I'm a new player, very new, so I don't need a super dooper expensive piece of equipment. That being said however, the amp I did have, a Fender Frontman15B from 5 years ago just didn't sound all that good to me, kind of tinny or something(I don't really know the terminology to describe the sound).

Long story short, went to the local guitar shop and tried out a relatively inexpensive amp they had there - it sounded great. It had a very mellow sound to it which I liked a lot. After reading a whole bunch of user reviews on some other site that a buddy found for me I decided to get it.

Today I bought it. Yeah, GAS alleviated for a week or two at least.

Its a Fender Bassman 25. What are your thoughts on this amp, if any of you have any experience with it. Its not the new style, this model is a few years old, I heard the newer one and frankly even to my musically untrained ears it had nowhere near the sound this one does.

Ok, here's the question. I get um...fuzz or buzz for lack of a better term when its on. I suppose I expect a little low grade hum from the amp(or should it be pretty much totally silent? If I push the mute button it does go totally silent.) When I actually plug the bass into it and play notes it gets even worse. Like every note has this sort of (lacking the words here) electronic fuzz/buzz to it.

I've got a Fender Squire P-Bass Special, also from about 5 years ago. I know the reputation on these instruments, I've seen enough reviews online to know that it can be hit or miss with the quality on them. As far as I know I did ok by mine. The grounding appears to be done adequately as I've never noticed any noise that goes away when I touch the strings. The one issue that I've noticed is the plug in jack gets a little loose every once in awhile.

So what could be making that fuzz/buzz noise and why would it increase when a note is played from the bass? I would have assumed that any 'normal' amp noise would be cut out when the instrument begins playing over it, instead it seems to amplify it(no pun intended).

Could I have a bad cord from the bass to the amp?(I've only got 1 cord so I can't swap out to test).

That noise just seems so friggin' loud. Obviously I'm going to take it and my bass into the shop on Monday to see if we can narrow down the issue, but was hoping to have some ideas before I went in.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

- Beau
It could be the lead, yeah, if it's a cheap one it might be a dodgy connection. Also, do you have distortion on your amp - could it be that it's just that being turned up?
Quote by bouncingbassist
It could be the lead, yeah, if it's a cheap one it might be a dodgy connection. Also, do you have distortion on your amp - could it be that it's just that being turned up?

No distortion as far as I can tell. Input 1 and 2, mute button, volume, "enhance" button(thats not the problem as it does it when pushed in and out), bass, mid, treble, aux in and output , aux level knob, and a headphone jack. Also has some plug ins in the back.

The thing is is that i tried out my buddy's literally 30 minutes before I went in and bought this one. He got his from the same place the night before. I didn't notice any problems with his. Oh and I was using my bass and my cord on his.

- Beau

Turns out it was the amp. Took the amp, bass and cord in today to the store. I'm not crazy there was a definite buzz to the amp which only got louder when notes were played through it. Same bass on different amp(same model) and no problems.

Store swapped out the amp and threw in a new cord for the trouble.

- Beau