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Has anyone heard ,"Here Comes The Rumour Mill"? It's by the Young Knives. They are tipped to be big this year and I really hope they do become big.

Anyone else agree?
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genuinely one of the worst bands i've ever had the misfortunate of hearing. Hate is just not the word.
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I really liked that first song that got played on MTV2 (the video with the farmer theme), but the latest track didn't hit it off with me so well.
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i think the young knives are great, they were live on "later with jools holland" friday night, and they were great. the singer also has a cool bright orange guitar. they are insane!
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eurgh saw them on jools holland and really didn't like them, not my kind of thing.
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I think they're great. The 'Junky Music...' EP's really rather good too.

And they're signed to my mate's label.

/Charlie's "look at me" moment of the day.
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I heard Rumour Mill ages ago and liked it instantly. It's a great song. I saw them on Jool's Holland on Friday and they were pretty good live too.
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ye i saw them on jools holland, but i only liked "Here Comes The Rumour Mill" the other song they played was a bit crap
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They're pretty average to me. Not horrid, but not mindblowing either. I wouldn't shut off one of their songs if it came on, though.