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There is this awesome Jazz song I'm playing in my school's jazz band. Its called "Tiger of San Pedro" by-Bill Watrous. My question is has anyone on here played this song? Or what do you think of it? But moreso, are there any other songs you think I might like, based on this song?
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I haven't heard it. Most songs in jazz bands (at least from my experience) are either unknown etude-ish songs or really famous standards. The teachers usually get them of the internet or at conventions.

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That is totally un true. You obviously havent had much experience with the jazz band sceen. The tiger of san pedro is a great jazz standard. It has been done by countless amounts of people and in a lot of different styles. Actually I like bill's version the best. He has as great latin sound. However the drums are programmed on pc at parts. Other than that it is great.
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I actually have the sheet music for it right here in front of me. It says that it was originally by Jahn La Barbera, and that the cersion I have infront of me was arranged by Paul Lavender. In anycase, it's a majorly awesome song. My friends and I are working on a rock version of it and hope to p[lay it at battle of the bands.

I had no clue it was considered a jazz standard. I guess you learn new things every day.
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hey my jazz band does this song too we have some in sane solos in it