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who has influenced you the most?

this can be a guitarist,singer band etc.

the person thats influenced me the most is matt heafy - trivium
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Who has influenced me the most? BRITNEY SPEARS!! I sang oops I did it again to my little sister when i was 4, she was 2. She cried. From that day on, I never sang seriously in front of people again. That is an influence right?
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Even though my main genre is metal it's the "soft genre people" that inspires me the most. People like Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, Steve Vai (maybe not THAT soft) and people like Isaac Albeniz.

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Blink and Arctic Monkeys and Paul Macartney
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Dream Theater, AFI, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Satriani, Vai, etc
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Satch, Kirk Hammet.
I dont know, I have a lot of influences.
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i guess slash and zakk wylde.......
and of course the guy who learnd me how too play, my buddy endre...................hehe
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Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton from The Jam. Weller's affected my songwriting, and I've styled my bass-playing off of Foxton.
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At The Drive-In
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well i caught you honey,
like the clap sugar.
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Jimmy Page
David Gilmour
Jimmy Hendrix
Syd Barret
Robert Plant
John Bohnam
Keith Moon
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omar rodriguez lopez/cedric bixler zavala
thom york/jonny greenwood
frank black
robert smith
rivers cuomo
billy corgan
conor oberst
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Paul Gilbert and Scott Henderson.
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Marty Friedman;
Alex Skolnick;
Nuno Bettencourt;
Randy Rhoads.
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Probably Mike Einziger. He got me thinking about expanding my playing into more genres, such as jazz and funk and he has this thing about trying to use open strings, and actually making it work. I've tried to take that to heart, and I've used some of the chords he likes to use without meaning too.

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Quote by Jakeylee111
Marty Friedman;
Alex Skolnick;
Nuno Bettencourt;
Randy Rhoads.


also Yngwie malmsteen, Django, and Andres segovia
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Hendrix, SOAD, Muse, Incubus, Radiohead, Coldplay.

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james hetfield and kirk hammet

lyrically, i would say raine maida
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slash, zakk wylde, dimebag darrell, randy rhoads,alex laiho, steve vai. yngwie malmsteen
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Quote by CRUEFAN666
slash, zakk wylde, dimebag darrell, randy rhoads,alex laiho, steve vai. yngwie malmsteen

finally sum one said dime

1) dimebag darrell
2)all 3 maiden guitarist
3)both shadows fall guitarist

1)corey taylor(stone sour/slipknot)
2)chad gray(mudvayne)
3)matt k heafy(trivium)
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Chuck Shuldiner for sure.
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The beatles for inspiration more than influence...i wish i could be influenced by them but it's almost impossible to capture their energy.

Actual influence on the music i try and make...Bowie and Dylan are probably the biggest. Smashing Pumpkins too, Libertines...
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