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hey j remmy sounds good....we havent played any GNR but hey we can always start...right now we are trying to get some good originals...we have one so far. we can play a bit of metallica, a chevelle song, a 3 days grace song, and a modest mouse song, prolly a few others i cant think of right now too. right now were looking at metal, and we want to actually play some shows. if you want to audition, email me at

i will set up a time/date for you.
thanks a lot for replying
bpauers, what are some of the names of the songs you guys play? I'll take the time to learn some of them and I'll continue to work on some of my own originals. Then maybe I could audition some time.
some of the songs are For Whom The Bell Tolls, by Metallica, Animal I Have Become by 3 Days Grace, Comfortable Liar by Chvelle, and Get Some by Chvelle. yes, they are fairly easy songs, but these are the first ones we worked on, just to get us all in sync so to speak. oh, and we play Dramamine by Modest Mouse. and there are originals of course, but those are a bit more complicated than these.
Ok, is that list in order of priority? By the way, in one of your earlier posts you said that all you need is a drummer. So what position would I be auditioning for?
originally all we wanted was to replace the drummer but our rhythm guitarist has been p.m.s.'ing an awful lot lately about the songs we play and how wer play them, so we said Hewy if you keep complaining, youre out. he complained again so now we kicked him out. we have a drummer now, but now were holding auditions for rhytth or lead, whichever youre better at. no the songs are not listed by priority...the list would probably be comfortable liar, animal i have become, for whom the bell tolls, and then dramamine and the others. my drummer said you dont exactly need to know the songs dforr and audition just jam with us for a while, see how it goes from there. reply asap i want to get this going soon so we can play a few shows before im out of high school, which is next year.
I might not be good enough if you want to start playing shows right away. I've only been playing rhythm guitar for a few months. I'm better at playing bass, but your not looking for a bass player.
well we're not wanting to play right away, im saying next year i would at least like to play at the talent show, and maybe Jansen Park or Music Academy in WEst Bend. so yeah, as long as you can pick stuff up fairly quick and make some rhythm riffs, you'll be fine.
ok, I might be able to audition the weekend of the 26th. I would audition this weekend, but I'm busy. I can't audition during the week because I work second shift. I'm also saving up to but a bigger amp.
yeah im busy this weekend too. the 26th would probably be ok. stupid question, but we have practices on tuesdays from like 3 or 4 till 8...would that be ok or should we reschedule for the weekends? also, what kind of amp do you have now, and what are you looking at for your new one?
Does anybody live around ROCK COUNTY? It's the perfect county for a rock band, I would suppose. Anyway, I play guitar. As for style wise, I play a range of stuff, from Tom Petty, The Police, to Van Halen and Boston. But I'm more interested in writing original materials. I would say that I am a decent lead player, but would be comfortable as either a lead or rythym. I also play trumpet, if necessary...
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Quote by bpauers
yeah im busy this weekend too. the 26th would probably be ok. stupid question, but we have practices on tuesdays from like 3 or 4 till 8...would that be ok or should we reschedule for the weekends? also, what kind of amp do you have now, and what are you looking at for your new one?

The weekends work better for me. I start work at 3 p.m. so there would be no way I could make it. I don't think you need to worry about rescheduling practice time because I have yet to audition. As for what kind of amp I own: Fender Rumble 15 wat bass amp. I really haven't looked at any amps yet, but I'm looking for something bigger for playing shows. I'm looking at buying a new amp hopefully late next month.
thats alright...actually weekendds work better for us too i guess. i talked to my drummer and he said weekends are better so yeah.
Would we be practicing on Saturdays and Sundays or just Saturday? I thought about buying a bigger amp again and I'm going to hold off on it. My amp is loud enough for what I need it for. Do you want me to bring just my guitar and amp or do I need to bring anything else?
probably sundays too....not sure. it depends on how serious we get about this. i have a 30 watt, so you should hold up okay. no i dont think youll need anything else, just the guitar, amp, and cable. if you have effects pedals, bring those. i only have one right now. my uncle has the other one. so either the 1st or 2nd weekend in june, we should be ok to audition.
I would like it to be a serious band, but I don't want that to take away from the fun of playing. I'll be sure not to have anything going on for the 1st or 2nd weekend of June. I have an effects pedal, but I don't use it that much. I plan on buying a Slash Cry Baby wah pedal hopefully soon.
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well i dont mean serious, i mean like i want to actually play shows. its going to be fun regardless. thats part of the reason we dropped the other guitarist was because he was too serious. he didnt want to play shows, but he got all pissy at us for no reason.
What I ment by serious was actually taking the time to make good songs whether it be covers or originals, and maintaining a practice schedule so that we can become good. That's my only real concern, because the last band I was in didn't want to take the time to make good songs. I'm also willing to play shows as long as we have the songs down. Hopefully I could jam with you guys either the 1st or 2nd weekend of June.
im leaning towards june 9th. after schools out i prolly wont be on too much, so if you have a number or something i can reach you at, that would be cool.
hey uhh yeah sorry bout this but we kinda need a bass player now, so youre going to audition for that if you want.
Yeah, I could audition for bass. It's been awhile since I've played though. So If you don't mind me asking: are you close to having a full band? It just seems like you're going through a lot of people.
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Quote by bpauers
yes we are. we need a bass player now though. then were ready to go.

Could you give me directions to the audition and what time would be good?
ah well the practice is from 9 A.M. till noon sorry we couldnt get an afternoon this time becasue the drummer has to work in the afternoon this saturday, i will email you the directions.
I looked up your directions on map quest and I think I have the right ones. I also watched some Lamb of God music videos on Youtube. The vocals don't fit my musical taste. The most metal I listen to is just Danzig. I'd be fine if the style of the band was geared towards Danzig/Metallica. Also what kind of tuning is being used for the band, I prefer to play tuned a half-step down from standard (Eb Ab Db Gb).

EDIT: I've been thinking about the whole metal band thing and I don't think it's going to work out. Our musical styles are almost completely different. I have almost no inerest in being in a metal band. I guess I should have asked what type of band it was going to be before setting up an audition. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's better to let you know now then somewhere down the line.
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Hey guys. Looking for a bassist somewhere between Eau Claire WI and St. Paul MN. Our style is pretty much based on thrash metal, like Megadeth and early Metallica. Our influences are set pretty deep in 80's metal, but also filter into mid-90's alternative (like Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc.), and some classic rock. Interested in both covers and original material. 18+ only please. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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Im a vocalist and songwriter in Port Washington(Ozaukee County) looking for a Punk Rock band to join, i can only sing and write, so don't expect an instrument player. Weekends I'm free, weeknights depend on schedule. PM me if ur interested, or email me, OR add me on windows live messenger.
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holy crap this thread has grown!! I'm from the Eau Claire Area Looking for anyone too jam with..I have a car and everything maybe we could meet up at a music store or something..

Currently in Platteville, WI. Possibly transferring to Milwaukee in the next year. I play guitar, but am completely open to learning new instruments if i can find something in the area.

Huge into Rock, Pop-Rock, Pop-Punk, Power-Pop, etc.
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im from lacrosse wi and im looking for a younger band to be in and i play guitar i like classic rock and earlier metal
ROCK COUNTY- Looking for anybody in rock county interested in classic rock, or 80's metal, and writing original music. View my MySpace page- I have a list of the songs I can play, am familiar with, or could play within a matter of a few hours' practice because I can't remember them or I forgot.

I could take lead or rhythm guitar, depending on the skill of the other person. Also, a drummer would help, too.

I'd be using my Marshall MG 15W amp, but I'm getting a much bigger and better one soon.
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I'm a drummer, who has been playing for nearly 6 years, and I'm looking for a band. I can play almost anything. . . anyways, I live in Beaver Dam and I'm looking for anyone near by. PM me if you got any questions. . . obviously.
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Salutations, I currently reside in Hartford, W.I. and I play bass. I would like to be in an alternitive band, but I'm open to different styles. No metal, punk, or hardcore though. For influences you can look at the bands I listed in my profile.
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