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I have our primary school talent quest this year, but have no idea what to play. I am 11 years old and have a Fender Bullet Strat.

I am trying to stay clear of power chords... But if you realy want to, suggest a song with lots in.

I was thinking maybe Stairway to heaven? I can play the whole song. I would have to shorten it down to 2 minutes though.

I know

Led Zeppelin
Jimi Hendrix

And all that sort of stuff. I want to stay pretty clear of Greenday Though. Thanks, please suggest.
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If you want to win, I'd say go with Green Day. Those competitions aren't about talent.

Edit: Well, Green Day if you're doing it with a band.
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If you're going for a win rather then talent, play whatever is popular with the kids. They're going to think you're a lot better if you play something eveyone knows and loves
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^Agree. play some thing quite commercial, toe-tapp inducing etc.
Could you play smells like teen spirit, some say its to commercial but people cant help but enjoy that song when its played live.
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yeah, play something people are likely to know, good that you're setting your sights high though. Are you doing it alone or with a band?

Good Riddance might be an idea, depends what you want.
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Last year someone player smells like Teen spirit.
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ya, i played at the talent show last year at my school and we did say it aint so by weezer. the thing is, if you have a lot of friends come to the show, then your atomaticaly going to get tons of cheers. second off, like people said before, play something that everybody knows, but not a song that is played way to much. you said you can play
Greenday, S.O.A.D, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ac/Dc, Metallica. you should play some like metallica because not that many people have heard their stuff. play something like enter sandman or master of puppets. its hardcore and people like it. s.o.a.d. play something old like needles or deer dance, not byob or arials. led zeppelin-PLAY EVERYTHING lol everybody likes zeppelin. hedrix-people will go crazy when they hear them crazy riffs. ac/dc-all ac/dc songs are kool cause they all have good riffs and solos and such. and green day....if your even going to consider playing green day, you have to play all of their old stuff because everybody is sick and tired of american idiot and wake me up when september ends. hope this helps ya dude. ps. were doing moby dick and surf wax america this years talent show
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there's an 11 year old on here? wow.
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