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ok, i will thank everybody in advance here, as i have a huge problem and this might be a fairly long post,

heres my dilema,

i would say im a intermediate guitarist, i am just at the point where i can play anything i want and can hit some hard stuff pretty consistantly (not to be cocky) but i joined a band with my cousin and it was going well, but hes is taking lessons, but dosent seem to be improving very much and i think (aswell as others) i am improving a lot, so we were practicing, and we now have a few songs, there pretty good, but nothing too special, but at my school everybody was making a big deal about how good this kid was, and i am friends with him and monday for the first time he came over to my house, pulled out his tele and we jammed and it was great. i found out how much a better guitarist along with me makes me sound so much better, then he made me an offer, he wants me to join this band, hes got a great bassist and drummer with massive talent, however i have me, my cousin and a drummer thats going no where. i would like to join my friends band, that would take me farther, but i would have to sell out my cousin, and he is family, its not like i can just say goodbye and never talk to him again...

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I'm kinda goin through the same thing, joining a separate band. I don't see any reason you can't jam with both bands. Just explain the situation to both bands, and unless they're complete dicks, they'll be cool with it.
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You don't have to leave both bands. Tell your cousin that you two will continue working and writing material, but that you're going to focus heavy with this other project (call it a project, that sounds much better than joining a new band) and that it'll help you as a musician, thus helping the both of you in the band with him and the drummer.
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Dude this happened to me like 3 times...
I'de say give it time, dont all of a sudden say "im leaving!" or anything, just kinda wait and dont make bands a big deal, and chances are if hes not very good he'll quit himself.
Or u could just join the other one, and stay in the not so good one, so everything works out for the better
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lol what u do is u join ur new band, but keep jamming wiht ur cousin- like that was ever a band lol
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dude, this isn't the kind of situation where you take advice from people. no matter what anybody says, you're gonna do what you wanna do. But anyway, I say join the friend's band.
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