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i mostly listen to classic rock (beatles, zeppelin, doors, cream, floyd, hendrix.....etc) and my favorite bands/artists outside of classic rock are: Radiohead, Nirvana, The White Stripes, Phish, Beck, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Clash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Redwalls, The Ramones, and Oasis.

so what are yours?
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I basically don't like any of that punk/hardcore stuff, but any band with Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is good in my books.
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I'm more into alternative, but I'd say I'm partial (in certain moods) to some:
Kanye West
Ayumi Hamasaki
Billy Idol
Cat Stevens
Daft Punk
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our lady peace

i mostly listen to death and thrash metal and grunge.
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Pink Floyd

I usually listen to metal
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I mainly listen to Thrash/Heavy Metal...

outside would be

Anti Cimex (hardcore punk)
Arcturus (weird black metal)
The Sex Pistols
The Ramones
Godspeed You!Black Emperor
Eminem (kinda OK for rap music, good lyrics)
and Danzig

Just to name a few
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I usually listen to alternative/indie/punk, but I'm really in love with Iced Earth and Dragonforce, two kickass metal bands.
I usually listen to Metal, Nu Metal and Rock (Led Zepellin, Pearl Jam etc)
But I like The Used, Sex Pistols, and lots of classical piano songs.
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I usually listen to Grunge and Metal but I love Kardinal Offishall and Pink Floyd.
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I don't have a "main genre" really.....I listen to my modern rock, metal and classic rock pretty evenly. I guess the next thing would be classical.
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sigur ros (i dont know what these guys are considered but i know i dont listen to anything else like them)
jeff buckley
frank zappa

i listen to wutever i want for the most part but i dont listen to too much like these guys...
I usually listen to metal, but i also like

April wine
Pink Floyd
Rage Against the Machine
The Distillers
Nerve Agents
Beastie Boys
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
Sly and the Family Stone
The Crystal Method.
The Crystal Method
Daft Punk
Chemical Brothers

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.

I don't really have a main genre. If anything, my main genre would be "music that involves guitar". With that said, my favorite music outside of that genre would be the occasional rap song.
i usually listen to punk but outside of punk my fav is prolly classic rock, mainly van halen, AC/DC, led zeppelin, and cream. Thee was also this heavy band with some weird vocalist doing falcetto shrieks that i kinda liked.
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i listen to rock mainly (classic, modern, alt, some heavy) but outside this i listen to: Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, and a bit of dance like Daft Punk and ministry of sound stuff, but NO R&B/hip-hop!
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I don't know what my 'main' genre is.......

I guess I'll say metal, because at the moment all of my favourite bands are metal.

Outside of metal, my favourite band is either Thrice or Alkaline Trio.
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I list to Metal, Rock, and Punk about equaly, so I don't really have a "main genre". A few artists that I listen to outside these 3 genres are Tech N9ne, Michelle Branch, Cascada, Mariah Carey, and The Pussycat Dolls.
Well I pretty much hate heavy metal but I like Slipknot. They have some pretty good guitar players...I just wish they wern't so evil.
Outside of Classic rock or Modern rock, there is the Pogues, Johnny Cash, Public Enemy, Frank Sinatra, Matisyahu, Modest Mouse, and the Gorillaz.
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I mostly listen to metal but...

Danko Jones
Trance music
Steve Vai
Atari Teenage Riot
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i listen to tons of things but i'll say i listen to our lady peace and collective soul
I listen to songs based on my mood. Somedays, Techno does it for me. Other days I only wanna hear Jack Johnson music, other days I only wanna hear punk music. it all depends on my mood (however, I usually stick my iPod on random and just get a feel for whatever)
I listen to a lot of Daft punk but i detest Acid house and **** like that where the bass just goes Boom-boom-Boom-Boom cos it sounds like Robots having sex.
I listen to metal so bands like hello goodbye and bloc party amke a welcome change
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Main genre = Modern Rock

Favourite non-modern rock band = Green Day
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I rarely listen to classic rock anymore these days, so I guess when I pop one of those in it'd be outside my main genre. These days I'm usually listening to metal, folk, roots, or bluegrass, so I'm covering quite a wide spectrum.
Led Zeppelin
Pink FLoyd
Wu Tang Clan
Anti Flag
El Vez
Total Science
I mainly listen to metal.
But i like Shadows Fall (metalcore)
Some RHCP.
Some Rancid.
Blue Murder.
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It's weird, all I listen to is metal, but for some reason I enjoy listening to Fall Out Boy...
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My "main genre" is punk, but I listen to:

Al Baker
Al DiMeola
The Aquabats
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches
Authority Zero
B.B. King
Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
Beastie Boys
The Beatles
Big D & the Kids Table
The Black Crowes
The Black Keys
Black Sabbath
Blue Öyster Cult
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Body Count
Bomb the Music Industry!
The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Buddy Guy
Catch 22
Charlie Parker
Common Rider
The Darkness
Dave Brubeck
Deep Purple
Dizzy Gillespie
Django Reinhardt
Dream Theater
Eric Johnson
The Explosion
The Forces of Evil
Frank Zappa
George Benson
Green Day
Guns N' Roses
The Hives
Immortal Technique
Iron Maiden
J.J. Johnson
Jimi Hendrix
Joe Pass
Joe Satriani
John Coltrane
John Legend
John Lennon
John McLaughlin
John Scofield
Larry Carlton
Led Zeppelin
Lightnin' Hopkins
Los Lonely Boys
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Miles Davis
Norah Jones
North Mississippi Allstars
Outskirts of Infinity
Paco de Lucía
The Pietasters
Pink Floyd
Public Enemy
Puddle of Mudd
Rage Against the Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rid of Me
Robert Cray
Robert Johnson
The Rolling Stones
The Roots
Roy Buchanan
The Sex Pistols
Shadows Fall
The Slackers
The Specials
St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review
Stephane Grappelli
Steve Vai
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stone Temple Pilots
Streetlight Manifesto
The Strokes
Tenacious D
Thelonius Monk
They Might Be Giants
Van Halen
Van Pepper
Velvet Revolver
Wes Montgomery
Wyclef Jean
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