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I have a talent show that me and my friends want to do, the problem is we've only been playing 2 months. Are there any really good songs that we could play? Like around the level of Smoke on the Water (without any solos) and Adams Song by Blink 182? I'd appreciate it without any solos though.
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sweet emotion by aerosmith is pretty good for a show along with magic carpet ride by steppenwolf and paranoid by black sabbath? if you like ska, santeria by sublime is pretty good. i played these songs at my first show and they were great
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me n my buddies did a talent show when we first started playin, we played "were not gonna take it" it has the easiest solo ever and even mainstream kids love it, we tore down the house
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hey spartan. Nothing is saying you gotta rush into these things, nothing hurts worse then being laughed at when it invlolves something you love.

adams song, unless your drummers good thats a no/no.

The Easiest thing to do is write a song, thats yours, can be as easy as you like and if you make a mistake, no one knows :P