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Okay here's the story. In TN, me, my brother, brother-in-law, and cousin had a band. Well, we all moved to TX except my cousin, the lead singer. He moved here a couple months later, and it caused him problems and he ended up in a divorce that he didn't want. While he was getting over that, we had yet another stand still in our progress. I wrote a ton of songs to present to him when he got over it, but also in that time, my brother-in-law(bass) sorta kicked my brother(drums) outta the band and recruited his new buddy. Now my cousin is back, and he doesn't like the new buddy... He kinda asked me for advice on how to get my brother back without hurtin too many ppl, cuz he's just like that. Anybody got any advice on what the hell to do?!
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take a vote to get him back. if the majority wants the new guy out and the other guy back, then you got what you want. if the majority dont want him back, then your outta luck
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Erm...uh....well....TOO MUCH CONFUSION!

..ahem..sorry. Anyway, have your cousin (or you could for him) tell your bro-in-law that the new dude isn't cutting it. Most people, though they don't like it, will be able to take the hint and will leave. I don't know how offended he will or will not be, but considering the circumstances, he should understand.

If he does not leave, your only choices would probably be to either stick with your bro-in-law + buddy or go with your cousin and start up a new band. Of course, you could do both, but it would be rather stressful on you.

Yea...this wasnt as helpful as i intended it to be, but i hope it helped
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i would never leave my cousin. me and him are like... the band. i play lead guitar and sing backup, and he sings lead. he writes lyrics, i write music. no way am i leavin him. all i would need is a different bass player, cuz my brother would follow me and my cousin.